Why You Should Start Using InShot

Why the inshot video app out of all the different video editor apps, you ask? Well, inshot has plenty of straightforward tools that let you edit your videos and turn them into better versions with just a few taps on the app. You can shave away all of the unneeded clips and add splashes of color as well as hints of cool effects, while still being simple to understand.

So, what is inshot? Inshot is a video creating and editing app that is easy to use while still offering full and high-quality functionality. It’s designed to improve your final output, having a sleek design and possessing powerful yet efficient editing tools, all while being free! Using the inshot video app is probably your first step to upgrading your video quality.

What Tools InShot Has

You have the basic video manipulation tools; the cutter, merger, splitter, and the trimmer. They’re pretty self-explanatory as to what they do. They can split and trim your videos into shorter lengths that allow you to change their order into a better sequence. Inshot then enables you to merge them again with the merger tool.

With inshot, you can also show off how creative you can get with the cropper tool; use different sized videos to put them into a collage. Not only with the cropper tool but with the addition of visual effects, filters, animated stickers, and texts. This feature allows you to take advantage of your creativity so you can create something unique to you.

There’s a feature that lets you add music to your videos as well! You can choose from the large collection that inshot has in their in-app library, or you can select your music to show off! Keep in mind that your music has to come from the existing iTunes library you have on your phone. You can’t pull the songs straight from the internet or Spotify.

Benefits of Using Inshot

Inshot not only functions as a video editor but as a photo editor as well! So think of it like you’re getting a two for one deal. You don’t need to switch from app to app just to edit a photo and a video. You don’t need to take up extra space on your phone by download more than one app, either. So it’s easier for you to get used to all of the tools and features they offer.

The features and tools you get aren’t mediocre, either! You can trim, split, merge and cut all to the millisecond, which ensures precise editing – if you want to become an expert in your editing skill. The filters and stickers do give you extra bits of color you need. So your final video gets some vibrant tones instead of just a consistent filtered tone throughout the whole video. 

There’s the quick developer response time as well. If there are any questionable stuff that the users bring up, then the developers are quick to act on these issues. You can be sure that their services are tailored to what the users want – just from that consistent service they provide. So make sure you always update your app to avoid any of these bugs and issues.


With over one million apps available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, you should know that there is more than just one great video editing app out there. However, we recommend the inshot video app to you because it offers great editing tools while keeping a simplistic approach, which is why we can’t recommend it to you enough.

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