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Best Metallic body smartphones

Advertisements With the new inventions, and new technological advancements smartphone companies are coming up with something new everyday. Be it an extended screen size, or some added curves to the phone. But this is not it smartphones are coming up with new body type and metallic body

Asus Zenfone 2 vs. OnePlus One

Advertisements The leading Taiwanese multinational computer and hardware manufacturer, Asus is all set to launch its next generation Asus Smartphones in India. The latest offering comes as Asus Zenfone 2, which would be available in three variants in India. However, the one with 4GB of RAM is

Just How Fast Is Your Internet Connection?

Does it ever seem like your Internet is working slower than usual?  Maybe you blame your old computer, or your lack of memory and processing speed—maybe you even chalk it up to the heavy video sharing that you do.  However, in most cases, what you are experiencing

GV18 Aplus Smart Watch Phone with Camera – Price only 40.80$, Buy from

Cheap Smart Watch with Camera – has brought a very cheap smart watch named as GV18 Aplus that comes with lots of exciting features such as Camera, NFC, and Dialing etc. The device is available for a cheap price of $40.80 USD. It is a wearable

UMI Hammer and ECOO E04 Plus – New 64 bit processor based mobile from 1949deal

In the previous few post, I have posted about the upcoming 64bit processor based mobiles. Recently, an online mobile retailer has started selling two cheap mobiles at discounted price. Name of the devices is UMI Hammer and ECOO E04 Plus. UMI Hammer mobile is available for

Micromax Canvas Spark coming on April 21 with Android Lollipop OS

Micromax Canvas Spark soon is going to launch in India. The Smartphone launch event is scheduled for 21st April 2015. In the previous post, I have shared information on upcoming Android Lollipop Update for Micromax Canvas One and Unite 2 devices. But the company is now going

Buy Asus Zenfone 2 from with Discount Coupon

In the previous posts I have talked about the reasons why Asus Zenfone 2 can redefine the Smartphone experience and comparison of Zenfone 2 with Lenovo K3 Note. is an online mobile retailer known for selling mobiles at discounted price. This time the company has come

Lenovo K3 Note Vs Asus Zenfone 2 – Battle of 64 bit Processor powered Mobiles

Gone are the days when users are satisfied by using a single core processor with 128GB RAM. Now mobile users are so demanding that 32 bit Quad-Core processor seems of ancient time. Recently Asus has announced the launch of World’s first Smartphone with 4GB RAM. You can