Why You Should Buy Wireless Earbuds

As you might already be aware, wireless earphones or earbuds have become all the rage in the market nowadays. It all started with the all-new AirPods by Apple, as they have come to be known. Although most people dub wireless earbuds as AirPods, other companies are also working on releasing their own versions of the now highly coveted earphones as soon as possible. 

If you really think about it, it does make sense; that is the idea of wireless earbuds as a whole, and it is easy to see why they have become so popular in such a short amount of time. However, there is still a select group of people that are not fully sold on the idea of wireless earbuds for multiple reasons. If you belong to that group, then hopefully we can convince you otherwise. Keep reading to find out more about wireless earbuds why you need a pair of your own! 

Things to Consider Before Buying Wireless Earbuds

  1. Price  

This is a first on our list and for a good reason. We all know the uproar that followed the AirPods upon their release, mainly because it was something completely new but also because of the price point. Naturally, this makes wireless earbuds more of a high-stakes product. However, there are other models available out there, and we’re sure you can easily find a good one within your price range without breaking the bank! 

  1. Compatibility 

Before you settle on a particular brand, do make sure that it is compatible with the media codec and formats that are supported by your Smartphone or other devices. With most Android users, this isn’t a problem. However, it is recommended that you check beforehand before you do not want to compromise on the quality of your media. Many wireless earphones connect through Bluetooth, which is available on most smartphones. 

  1. Size and Fit

The size of the earbuds is another important factor because you do not want them falling out when you are moving around, nor do you want them to be uncomfortably large. The best option is to go with earbuds with silicone covers as they are pretty comfortable to wear. Some options come with multiple tips, so you can choose the ones that best fit your ears.

  1. Volume

Volume control is an integral feature of wireless earbuds, so you need to ensure that your earbuds come with a decent volume range so you can easily find your preferred setting. This may seem like a given, but some earbuds don’t have the same high quality sound as others. You shouldn’t have this problem if you go for a pair of good quality wireless earbuds. 

  1. Battery Life

Battery life – one of the things we would all like to count on. Luckily, with most wireless earbuds, you can expect about three to four hours of battery life after a full charge. This is pretty standard for a chargeable device and lucky for you, it does last through a typical gym session or running spree, so all you athletes out there are good to go! 

  1. Look Out for the Controls

Some wireless earbuds come with touch controls where you can tap to skip media or pause/play while you are otherwise occupied. In addition, look out for additional features such as noise-cancellation. 

This one, in particular, comes in really handy if you are looking for the ultimate audio experience, and what’s really good is that you don’t have to invest in noise-canceling headphones either if you have one of these in your back pocket.  

Why You Need To Buy Wireless Earbuds for Yourself 

  1. Convenience

A lot of people struggle with normal earphones or headphones while they are working or moving around. For gym-goers, in particular, this is a serious dilemma because let’s face it; nobody wants to deal with tangled wires getting in the way of their workout. With wireless earbuds, you do not have this problem because they will be out of the way and in your ears the entire time. 

You do not have to worry about untangling anything, nor do you have to deal with wires getting caught on any equipment while you are working. In case you are out on the run, you can focus on the run instead of getting distracted with the wire flying about every second.  

  1. Ease of Use 

With most headphones or earphones, you need to access the device they are connected to in order to change between media, turn the volume up or down, and other similar tasks. However, with wireless earbuds (well at least the good ones), you can tap the surface of the earbuds to change songs, skip, and control the volume. 

The controls may differ depending on the brand that you go for, but the gist is pretty much the same. The overall idea is that you have easy and direct access to the controls, which saves time and is convenient. 

  1. Style

Wireless earbuds are clearly much more discreet than regular earphones or headphones, which means that they can be used in a variety of locations or situations. Although we do not recommend this, suppose you are bored in class and could use a pick me up. Plug in your wireless earbuds to catch up on your latest podcast or your favorite album, and your professor will never know! 

If you are in a car and need to pick up a phone call urgently, then wireless earbuds can be used as a last resort because they do not engage your hands and act much like a car phone or a Bluetooth device. 


Now that you know everything there is to know about wireless earbuds, we’re hoping you will reconsider and get yourself a pair of new earphones while you are at it! And if you already have one, then you can appreciate them for they are!

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