What roles do gadgets and technology play in web designing?

Web designing mainly deals with aspects like designing of webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Normally a website is created once.  But the web designer should mainly concentrate on web page layout, content and graphics part. When we say content production, the web designer has to plan what sort of content is to be displayed on a web page and how it has to be displayed, i.e., the presentation of the content, etc.  So, the job of a web designer is continuous in nature.  As there is cut-throat competition in the market, one needs to be perfect in all fields to beat the race.  So, when you want to keep your website as user’s favorite website, you need to give quality information to your user.  To retain his/her interest in the site, you need to update your content with fresh and unique content.

The web designer has to keep in his mind that no matter how good his designing is if the content is not worth than the whole exercise becomes waste. So, appropriate use of technology will solve some issues in web designing.  When you speak of technology in web design, there is no hard and fast rule that so and so technology should be used.  However, experienced and talented persons in the field of web design recommend some basic technologies which must be implemented to get a good web design. Technology in web design simply refers to those applications which are made using scientific knowledge and can be used to improve the web design.

Some of the technologies that can be used in web designing are:

  1. Creation of web pages and web applications: The job of creating various web pages is continuous in nature.  So, to avoid wastage of time, HTML can be used to create web pages and web applications easily and fast. The full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language.  It normally provides the website structure which helps the web browsers to show what is required by the users.
  1. Make use of Browsers: Browsers are nothing but search engines. Normally when the user inputs the keyword or a phrase of his/her choice to get the information, the web browser instantly provides the relevant website lists which contain the information desired.  So, a web designer should research on all the possible keywords or phrases, and users can input for information on a particular theme and plan the content accordingly. 
  1. Change of colors and fonts: Normally a web designer has to change the fonts of the content or web page layout to retain the interest of the user.  In this situation, CSS will be helpful as it allows the web designer to change fonts and color of the text or web page layout.  It has one more benefit of changing animations on the web.  The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheet.  The CSS technology helps the web designer to make his web page more attractive.  To get the better service from this technology, Pre-compilers like LESS and SASS will be more helpful.

Having knowledge of applications and making use of it in the appropriate time is different.  If you have the knowledge and are not using it then what is the point of acquiring knowledge. Technology is a thing which keeps updating itself.  So, you need to keep your eyes and brain open to new knowledge.  You need to use this knowledge to improve your skills.

  1. Programming languages: This is a vast world.  You ask for one thing, and you will get an option of 100 for your request.  That is prevailing competition in the market.  So, the web designer should keep himself/herself updated with the programming languages prevailing in the market.  Why do you think a programming language is important?  When you design, you normally do it on a sheet of paper.  Now how are you doing to work on it without feeding it into the computer?  Until and unless it is fed into the computer, the desired output won’t come.  So, a programming language helps to bridge this gap.  It is a language the computer understands better.  Some of the standard programming languages are: ‘C,’ ‘Java, ‘PHP’ etc.  Thorough knowledge of these programmes will be beneficial as you can make use of anything only when you completely aware of what services it provides.

There is an infinite number of technologies in this field of web designing.  You can use only what is required.  Having knowledge of all the technologies is must but is difficult.  So asa web designer, master in those technologies which you can make use of in your work and career.

Now let us talk about the gadgets that prove helpful for any web designer.  Gadgets are the instruments that are used in the completion of any task. Normally a web designer requires the gadgets when he/she is doing graphics-related jobs.  Some of the useful gadgets are: –

  • Palette: It is a combination of various keys helpful in designing. To get a good graphic design you may have to work on the keys and strain your eyes.  Working continuously may damage your eyes, and your fingers may face cramps.  To stop this pressure on your fingers and eyes, you can assign various functions to the desired buttons.  So, when you press that particular buttons, your desired function is done by the computer automatically.
  • Light Pad: When you see the screen while designing, your eyes get strained.  A Light pad is a gadget which is facilitated with eyesight-protecting technology and has proved to be a perfect gadget for web designers as it helps in drawing and sketching comfortably.  Connecting this gadget to the computer is also easy.  Just connect it through the USB port which comes inbuilt in computers nowadays.

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