What kind of IT Support Services are provided By Companies today?

Any enterprise needs various resources to run their business efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis. Irrespective of whether it is a small scale unit or a global enterprise the basic requirements of IT infrastructure are the same. The difference is in the volume of the services required. 

There are companies in the industry which excel in providing various IT support services to business enterprises. From managing the network systems to handling the providing remote cloud backup services, offering security solutions to taking care of the help desk matters and printing services, the companies provide all kinds of support services to the enterprises for a cost-effective price. 

The IT Support Services can be classified into the following, 

  • Professional Services
    • Business Continuity Services
      • Having a solid contingency plan and technical resiliency to sustain natural disasters is very important. Enterprises cannot afford to lose even a single minute of their downtime in today’s world. Disaster recoveries, protection against hardware and facility failures, are some of the services that come under this tab.
    • Business Technology Services
      • Client Systems Incident Management and Helpdesk Support
      • Network Installation and Maintenance
      • Hardware and Software Upgrades and Enhancements
      • ICT and Business Administration Consulting
      • Hardware Specification and Support are some of the primary services provided by the companies. 
    • Virtualization Services
      • Server consolidation to help businesses save money is one of the major aspects of virtualization. It helps in improving business continuity management, reducing energy consumption, increasing the efficiency of operations and staff, controlling the IT costs. 
    • Network Support Services 
      • Network implementation
      • Design
      • Network support and maintenance
      • Accessibility (wireless guest access, employee access, management access, etc.) are some of the network support services. The companies ensure that the networks are protected and the data is always secure. 
    • Service Level Management 
      • Here are the main services of deployment solutions. 
      • System configuration
      • Integration
      • Deployed Windows Environment
      • Installation of all hardware.
    • Data Processing and Migration
      • Transitioning from an old OS to a new OS
      • AD migration
      • Exchange migration
      • Capturing raw data
      • Processing computer/electronic data
      • Carrying out a thorough analysis
      • Presenting the data in a tabular, textual, or visual format. 
  • Cloud Computing Services
    • Cloud Storage and Backup Services
      • Data backup is a crucial aspect of any IT support services. Storing the data in remote cloud solutions with optimum security and 24/7 accessibility helps enterprises keep their information safe and secure at all times. 
    • Microsoft Office 365 Solutions
      • A budget-friendly cloud service, the migration to Office 365 is reliable, cost-effective, and compatible with almost every computer, laptop system used by enterprises. 
    • Personal Cloud Deployment
      • Employees can tap into their existing data from any location across the globe and continue with their work without any glitches. The companies offer customised cloud deployment services through a variety of tools some of which are a remote app, FTP, storage, Microsoft Azure. 
  • Managed Services
    • Helpdesk Services include incident management and problem management to help minimise the damage caused by various operational errors. 
    • Desktop Services include building a secure and friendly environment, customising the desktops and laptops so that the staff would feel comfortable and the productivity increases. 
    • Print Services help the enterprises save money by printing the required documents for them. The enterprises need not have to invest in purchasing numerous printers, inks, and spend money on maintenance. 
    • System Monitoring helps in uncovering problems that might become an issue and finds a solution to ensure the smooth running of businesses. Breakdown reports and analysis, continuous management, full network audits are some of the services. 
    • Security Solutions ensure that the data of enterprises is safe from physical threats and unforeseen cyber threats at all times. 

It is advisable to opt for all the services from a single company so that they will have complete knowledge and understanding of the working of the business enterprise. It ensures that the companies provide the best quality services to the clients by maintaining long standing professional relationships with business enterprises.

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