Ways To Get More Views To Your Youtube Videos

Today we find most of the people are uploading n number of videos to YouTube. But only a few view the videos. YouTube video views can be increased artificially through software or robots. The views may reach up to 3000 within a day. But the only thing is that a visitor who views the video may find it very artificial why because 3000 videos but none of them didn’t comment or give likes or share the videos. YouTube penalize such videos who increase the views through software. 

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Always better to get unique high quality views 

Generally visitors view the videos by checking its likes. Comments and share. Only then the video would look more impressive. As we all know that YouTube is the best way to generate high traffic. Here are a few tips to enhance your YouTube video and increase the traffic.


  • Upload n number of videos to your channel. As they are likely to appear on the right side listing of YouTube search. When your videos are often listed on particular topic people would surely view the video thinking that you have good domain knowledge on that topic.
  • Get people subscribed to your video channel. As more subscriber you get the more views to your videos. Initially you will have less number of subscribers you can increase subscribers by providing them good information.
  • The more exposure you get to your YouTube videos the more views you get. When visitors comment on your videos. Reply back to them so that we would receive the notification and view it back.


Few basic tips to enhance your video listing 

  1. Enter the apt title for your YouTube video. See to that title must have keywords in it.
  2. The YouTube description must be captive. Only your first line of the description is seen in google search. To see more content you have to expand the description.
  3. Add relevant keywords in the tags.
  4. Choose the correct category
  5. Don’t forget to share your YouTube videos on social networking sites, which is one of the best ways to increase likes. If your viewers find the videos interesting even they would share the video among their friends.

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