Useful Applications That Help Speed up Your Smartphone

Smartphones are portable tools that modern people can’t live without. That is why we feel uncomfortable whenever we leave our smartphones at home. We can’t text our friends, check our social media accounts, surf on the internet, or watch viral videos.

Unfortunately for others, even if they have their phones with them all the time they still cannot use them properly. Their phones are too slow, it takes few seconds to open an application or it hangs at every button they click. Their actions are so limited it is better to buy a new smartphone! However, installing the right application is a more pragmatic approach to save money.

It sounds counter intuitive that installing new applications on a slowly running phone can do the trick, but it actually helps. If you are one of those unlucky people, then you have to try these applications to make your phone run like new:

Applications That Help Speed up Your Smartphone

File Cleaning Applications

It can be taxing to monitor which application is eating most of your memory, and whether your phone cache is almost full, that is why it is important you use cleaning applications in your phone to optimize your phone fast.


This is a great iOS cleaning application that improves your phone’s memory and processing speed. What this tool does is list phone messages, internet history, cookies, caches and other contents so that they are locked away from hackers, and also let you manage them easily. Navigate through its simple but organized dashboard and remove large files that prevents your device from running properly.

Clean Master

This cleaner is a one stop solution to avoid lagging phones and easy to drain batteries. It intuitively deletes cache and residual files that only make your phone slow. You simply click a few buttons and the application will do everything for you. Worried that this app might delete an important file? Don’t fret! You can still access deleted files on their cloud recycle bin up to 30 days.

DU Speed Booster

It is rare for a single app to work on cleaning the unimportant files on your device and also protects it from malicious files. But DU Speed Booster does this job effectively. This powerful application helps you oversee your background tasks, phone space, applications and battery space, all in one user-friendly interface. All this, while keeping sure that your beloved phone is protected from data theft and hacking. DU Speed Booster boosts up to 60% of your phone speed and is definitely a must have tool for every Android user.

The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean

Files on your phone memory are not the only ones that halt your device’s speed. Even recorded SMS messages have a huge effect to why your phone keeps lagging. With the Cleaner, your can delete irrelevant sent and received phone records, as well as SMS records. The application’s beautiful and easy-to-navigate interface actually encourages you to check your phone’s memory status once in a while. But in case you forget, The Cleaner has a convenient scheduled maintenance ability to help you.

Phone Security Applications

It is not just your files that limit your phone speed. Malicious files like virus and malware can also weight it down. Such files can eventually kill your phone, making it useless.

360 Mobile Security

A phone security app that is trusted by more than 640 million users, 360 Security effectively keeps hackers and data thieves away from your phone. Every application you install on your phone are routinely monitored by this tool and powerfully deletes them without affecting important data in your phone.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

This reliable security application is a must-have. It is not masked in elaborate interface but rather gives you a straightforward solution to all mobile security threats. You can comfortably surf the internet without thinking whether your device might catch a virus on the way. The best thing about this tool, is it is so light, you won’t notice it is installed in your phone.

Cloud Storage Applications

As you might already know the files in your memory can slow down your phone but if you register for a cloud account, you might have a faster phone. The idea is to sync your phone with your cloud storage so you can already delete the files you don’t need anymore.


This multi-platform storage is one of the best cloud services despite its 2G initial upload limit. You can,  however, improve it to up to 16G, through referrals and mailbox perks. The files you upload in your cloud can also be shared with your friends through a link. They can easily open the file even if they are a non Dropbox user. Upload the files on your phone to let your device run smoothly.


With a maximum of 15G storage for a free account, Copy is one of the best cloud storage that you can find. Install its responsive application, and connect your phone to your One Drive account, to easily sync photos, videos, and other file type. Once synchronized, you can already remove the unnecessary files in your phone, without worrying that you might not access them ever again.

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