Use PDF Unlocker Software to Unlock Restricted PDF Files

This review has all the reason why users must use PDF Unlocker Software release 3.2, which is the latest flagship of the present year developed by a renowned Company, to unlock PDF files that are protected by Owner-level password.

A healthy competition has always been a desirable thing and way to improvement. And same is the case with PDF Unlock tool that has improved exponentially and got much better as compared to other similar tools developed by other software manufacturers as well as previous releases of its own family of ‘PDF File Unlocker’ software applications.

Specification Details

  • Tool Name – PDF Unlocker Software
  • Version – 3.2
  • Size – 5.5MB
  • Free Demo Release – Available
  • Licensed Editions – Present in three forms mentioned below
    • Personal license at nominal charges of 29USD
    • Business license at a basic price of 99USD
    • Enterprise key at cost of 299 USD


Tool’s Objective Explored

The most important functionality of the PDF Unlocker Software is to remove owner-level password restrictions or say Permission-password, from the portable PDF files and make the them editable, printable, extractable and copy-able. The utility also erases owner-level restrictions such as limitation on copying text and images, editing, printing, extracting from user-protected password files, however the document-open password or rather say user-level password is required to open the document first.

Note – It should be noted that the tool does not process damaged PDF documents. This is because it does not characterize to repair corrupt PDF files. The documents are required to be present in a healthy state for removal of owner-level restrictions.

Why Erase Owner-level Password Restrictions?

The Usage-level restriction password restricts unauthorized users to copy, print, comment, edit or extract data like texts and images from Acrobat PDF files containing critical data. Users apply such restrictions to avoid any illegitimate use of the vital data by others. However, they do not restrict readability so as to make readers acquaint with the information contained-within. Such restrictions are usually applied on PDF documents by high profile people such as researchers, scientists, doctors, investigators to avoid illicit use of the documents by tampering the stored info.

However, at some or the other situation the creators of the documents themselves fall in the need to make alterations in them. Or sometimes they need to share the documents with their colleagues for some really essential changes. In such cases, it becomes extremely important to make a smart choice of tool to remove the restrictions without hampering the files and the stored content.

Acquaintance with Some Really Significant Features

  • The tool erases all kinds of PDF file restrictions such as Commenting, Printing, Copying, Editing and Extracting, text/images.
  • Erases owner-level restrictions even though the PDF files are protected with document-open password.
  • All versions of Adobe Acrobat including 9 and other below releases, with 128/256 bit encryption, are supported by the utility.
  • With the usage of Business and Enterprise license of the Unlocker tool, PDF files can be unlocked in batch all at once. This eases the task as well as minimizes the time consumed.
  • The structure of PDF files remains unaltered even after removal of restricted permissions of owner-level.

Must Have Requirements to Run the Tool

  1. Windows Operating System is required. This is because the unlocker tool is Windows based and does not run on any other OS.
  2. Adobe Reader software should be installed on the execution machine without which the utility will fail to unlock the PDFs.
  3. A minimum of 10MB space must be free to have the unlocker application downloaded and installed.
  4. The size of Random Access Memory must be at least 512 Mega Bytes. However, 1 Giga Byte is the size of RAM.
  5. The frequency of the processor must not be less than 1GHz. Nevertheless, 2.4GHz frequency is optimal.

Supported Editions of Windows & Adobe Reader

  • Almost all versions of Windows OS are provided support for, including the latest which is Win 8. To be mentioned here, the supported releases are 2000, 2003, 2008, XP and Vista among the older ones. From the newer releases are Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows server 2008 & 2012. (Both 32 & 64-bit)
  • All versions of Adobe Reader are rendered support for, by the unlocker without any type of restriction.


  • The PDF File Unlocker application should definitely run as ‘Run as Administrator’, provided the tool is being executed on Windows versions 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista.

Application, Not Essential to Have

  • Although it seems so, Adobe Acrobat is not needed to have got it installed on the execution machine for removal of owner-level securities from Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Finishing Lines

With PDF Unlock Tool version 3.2, users can fulfill their dream of unlocking PDF files instantly, without delay, from owner-level password protected PDF files. Moreover, the output portable files remain as before without data loss. Built with such advanced and enhanced features the application can definitely be rated 9.9 out of 10.

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