Use keyword search tools and unleash powerful SEO growth for your site

Keyword research is unquestionably an important component of SEO and the marketing campaigns. Its behavior gets a drive from the audiences which help in taking over the performance online. You have to be precise about using an adequate keyword for the content of different niches and not relying on the blinded SEO work. There are plentiful free Keyword research tools that can help in providing the better understanding to the user on how they can search for their desired product or service. Taking the help from these tools can give you an understanding of the competition and the getting the information that can drive up your ranks on search engine results.

  • Google Keyword Planner: This is the popular and mostly used keyword tool. This tool is available for free, and it helps in providing the information related to the estimation search volume on the network for each of your keyword used in the content. It provides the tons of suggestion for the keywords. You can build a plan to work on the targeted keyword. The tool also helps in prioritizing the keywords that you targeted as they can be helpful in further discovering the new keywords.
  • SEMRush: This tool provides the information about the data of the keywords that are being used by your competitors for the paid and organic search. You can get to the top of the top ten competitive keywords. You can get the right keyword set for your Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns. It will help in providing matching phrases, long-term keywords, etc. This will add glamour to your website content. This is free for 14 days only. To know more, click on
  • Google Correlate: This tool often gets overlooked by the people. It is helpful in displaying the result about which keywords get searched together. You can find out through this tool that what other people are trying to look for in the related keywords. Then, you can work on your strategies and develop In short, the tool will help you in getting the list of potential keywords to be used.
  • Alexa: This tool will help you in seeing the searching query results of your competitors and the tons of traffic they are getting for their website. You need to add information, and all the relative information will be displayed. The tool even performs the analytics on the domains that are specified by you. It is not a free tool.
  • Keyword Tool: This tool is available for free. This helps the user in generating suggestion more than 750 long-term keywords for very searched performed. This is considered an alternative solution to one of the Google’s product and is very popular. It works very well with SEO and creating content.


With the plenty of tools available online, you can choose wisely which will go to help in getting keywords and the related information that can help your website content in getting a high rank.

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