Use Google Libraries – Best WordPress Plugin to Reduce Page Loading Time

Use Google Libraries – If you have read my recent Blog Post then you must have find out that i am focussing on articles discussing tips to reduce WordPress Page Loading Time. I am using all those tricks like optimizing png images with and even found a website that can compress jpeg file up to 50%. WordPress theme also plays important role in page loading time and now I am using Splash Theme from which is awesome and helped me reduced page load time to a great extent. But still I believe that I can improve my Blog performance by using WordPress plugins such as Use Google Libraries. In this post i am going to review a WordPress Plugin known as Use Google Libraries that allows your site to use common JavaScript libraries from Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN.

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Use Google Libraries

How to install Use Google Libraries WordPress Plugin

Before we go on to install the plugin, first have a look at the benefits that are offered:

  1. Takes Extra Load of your Own Server
  2. Improves Blog Caching and hence Performance
  3. Reduces WordPress Blog Page Loading Time

Installing Use Google Libraries plugin is just like any other WordPress plugin. Go to your blog dashboard Add New plugin page and search for “Use Google Libraries” and click on install now and finally Activate the plugin. See the image below showing entire process if you are newbie to WordPress.

Use Google Libraries Plugin

That’s it and you now don’t have to do anything, the plugin handles everything itself in the background. According to the Use Google Libraries WordPress plugin supported libraries and components are as follows;

  1. Dojo
  2. jQuery
  3. jQuery UI
  4. MooTools
  5. Prototype
  7. swfobject

How to Check that Use Google Libraries plugin is working or not

To check just Hit F12 if you are using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and click on Network tab. In that you can see the location of the scripts. See below image where you can find the path of script is like………

Scrips from Google CDN

Test to see if WordPress Blog Page Loading Time Reduced or Not

Prior to installing and using the plugin i have tested my Website Page loading time from Pingdom Website Speed Test and results are shown below.

Wordpress Page Time Check

 After plugin was installed I again check my Blog page loading time and found an improvement which is shown in the image below also. So this plugin actually works and helps in reducing WordPress Blog page Loading Time.

Wordpress Page Speed Test


Must use plugin for any WordPress Blogger, reasons are very simple and straight. First you don’t have to any configuration just install and sit back. Second and most important it helps raking load off from your server and helps in reducing WordPress Blog Page Load Time.

Comment below if you face any problems in installing and using Use Google Libraries WordPress plugin. 


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