How to turn on Android Device Screen with a Wave from your hand – Wave2Wake Android App

Most of the Android device start button gets wear down over a time. Main reason is continuous use as every time the screen goes out you have to press the start button to again see the display screen. Most of the touchscreen smartphones comes with a single button which is a turn on/off button. Sometimes this causes malfunctioning of the start button and you need to press the button really hard to get your phone working. I am also facing the same problem and try to get it repaired. But after repairing also, the button lasts for only 2 months which is not acceptable. For some time I am searching for an App to allow me turn on the machine without using the start button. Recently I found a wonderful Android App, after which I can turn on the device by just waving my hand in front of the mobile screen. In this post I am going to review Wave2Wake Android App.

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Wave2Wake App – Turn on Android Device Screen with a wave

Wave2Wake is a very simple to use Android App that uses the proximity sensor on the device to detect the hand gesture. The thing that I like most about the App is that it works even with Non Rooted Android Smartphones. Not only a hand wave can turn on the device but if you are using a flip cover then open of flip cover also turn on the device. There are several reasons to use the app and some of them are as follows:

  • Helps in reducing wear and tear of power on off button
  • Flip cover can be used to turn on the device
  • Get Magical touch free experience

How to use Wave2Wake Android App

Using wave2wake android app is very simple, first you need to install the app from Google Play Store or download and install APK file from internet. After installation is complete, open the app and you will see a very clear interface displaying only two button, one is to activate Wave2Wake and other is to deactivate it. Press the activate button to start using Wave2Wake Android App to turn on the device screen by just waving of hand in front of the screen. 

Wave2Wake Android App

From the setting, you can schedule the start of Wave2Wake app on device boot. Read Also: How to reduce Android device boot time. There are only two settings options available for you to set. 

turn on Android Device Screen with a Wave

That is all you need to do and now don’t worry about the wear down of the Power On/off button. Just wave your hand in front of the screen and you will the display screen.


A must use Android App to have in your device, so that your start button will not get tear down. For some time I was thinking of changing my mobile just because of problem in the start button but now with Wave2Wake app, I can use my old mobile phone and don’t have to spend on new one.

If you know any other app that can be used to wake the screen without using the start button, do let us know by commenting below.

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