Top Optimization Hacks for Instagram and Email Marketing

Instagram and email marketing help in promoting your business and products. You should employ an integrated approach to take your branding efforts to the next level. The challenge is finding the right techniques to make the most out of emails and Instagram. Again, you need to complement the two to derive the best results. 

Try including lifestyle photos instead of product visuals related to your merchandise in email campaigns for better engagement. Read on to learn more about some of the optimization hacks for Instagram and email marketing. 

Using Instagram in the best way 

Promote Instagram images or videos to boost your brand presence. Unlike a few social networking sites, Instagram targets your subscribers and send high-definition visuals to them right away. Therefore, the key to the success ofyour business is developing your brand and generating genuine leads using Instagram. 

Use the right visuals to pique audience interest and enhance user engagement levels among your targeted audience, including your existing followers. For instance, if you sell flowers online, post a stunning photo of lilies you sell together with a click for a coupon URL below the flower image. It is one of the proven methods to generate customer interest and derive quick results from your Instagram campaign. 

Create relevant hashtags such as #flowersforfathersday, #florist, #flowershop, or related ones to help your customers find your business easily. These hashtags work well on Instagram as they do on Twitter. It connects your brand with buyers who have an interest in flowers or the keyword. You can learn more about the right use of Instagram visuals and hashtags on

The correct use of email marketing 

Based on the findings of Optinmonster, more entrepreneurs send emails than before to drive user engagement and generate qualified leads. A few business owners wonder whether to stop email campaigns and use social media marketing such as Instagram to improve their online presence. We recommend that you use both in the right balance to boost your digital campaigns. The goal of your email campaign is to defeat your competitors in business and winning customers so that they buy your products or services. 

There are many ways to pique customer interest through email marketing. These include offering some outstanding value to your buyers, prove useful and provide some free benefits for clicking your URLs, building a friendly connection with your prospects, not asking anything in return, and avoiding sales-oriented language in your email content. Use high-definition Instagram photos instead to drive engagement. 

You may use all these tips or a couple of them in your email campaigns based on your business needs. Connect with your audience on an emotional level. Even if you ask your potential customers to do something, make sure that you give something in return. It can be a free eBook, a gift coupon of $50, and things like that. 


Now that you know how to use Instagram and email marketing for your business, take the right steps and implement them to improve your business presence online. 

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