Top 5 Things to use with your Blog for better optimization

There are many things that need to be present on your Blog for various reasons such as Facebook like Box to get more visitors, Advertisements for revenue, Good on Page SEO plugin and the list goes on. But there are lots of things that user forgot to implement on their blog, but very important to have them. In this article I am giving the list of top 5 such things that are easily forgotten but needs to be present.


1. Caching Plugin

Before you install and use Caching plugin in your blog, you need to understand what caching is. Caching is defined as:

Caching is a process where visitors are served static, fast-loading HTML pages instead of having to call the database every time it needs to create a page

Caching is needed because most of the Blogs and Website that are build today are dynamic, database driven system and getting the content from database puts extra burden on the server. This can cause problem if you are running your Blog on Shard Hosting Server. So how to solve this server load problem, one easy way to do is use Caching Plugins. Speed always matters whether it considers SEO process or Visitors interest. For WordPress blog users there are many Caching Plugins available for Free. Some of the Top Caching Plugins for WordPress Blog are listed below:

WordPress is a dynamic, database driven system that puts extra work on your server. This can be a problem if your hosting is underpowered or has put restrictions on your bandwidth or CPU usage. After you install the plugin you can easily check the speed of your Blog before and after the installation of plugin using the following services:

 2. Track Invalid Clicks

Getting approval from any Advertisement Network is very hard and to get it from Google Adsense is not easy. But what after getting approval if someone tries to get your account blocked by making invalid clicks on your blog. First you need to know what invalid Clicks are:

Invalid clicks is defined as the clicks that are made manually by clicking on the Google ads to increase the revenue. Types of Clicks that comes under the invalid clicks are as follows:

  • Manual Click
  • Automated Clicking by using some tools
  • Clicking the same ad continuously

How to Track Invalid Clicks on your Blog

Tracking Invalid Clicks requires finding the IP address first from where invalid Clicks are made. Finding IP Address is not very tough, if you are using statcounter for analytic purpose. After logging into the statcounter account, you can check the Exit Links and trace down the IP address. After you find out the Malicious IP address report them to the Google so that they are aware of the invalid clicks and your account is safe from getting banned.

Report IP Address to Google

3. Translate

After doing some analysis about Blog Traffic you can easily find out that traffic that is coming on your Blog is from different parts of the world. According to Linguists there are 6,000 to 7,000 different languages in the world. Well most of the people understand English, but translating the website/Blog content into the native language of the visitor is always beneficial. To translate in WordPress Blog use a very simple and useful plugin Google Language Translator plugin. After Downloading and installing the plugin activate the plugin and configure the plugin as per your need. Now to use the plugin on your Blog go to Appearance-> Widgets and drag and drop Text widget in one of the space and paste the following short code:


Note : Before Trying the plugin on Live Server it is always recommended to Install WordPress on Local Server and test out the plugins on that and if they work perfect than migrate them to the Live and running server.

4. AntiSpam

Getting Comments is good for the Blog, but if those comments are spam then it will cause lot of frustration. To stop Spam comments you can Akismet which offers free service to the WordPress Blog users and filter comments that are marked as Spam. To use Akismet visit official page here and create account. To sign up with Akismet you have to use account and paste the akismet key into the wordpress Blog as shown in the figure below:

There are many other plugins available that can be used in place of Akismet and they are listed as follows:

5. CDN

Getting lot of traffic on your website is always good but there are chances of your server getting crashed due to large traffic. There are dedicated servers that can solve the issue but it comes with lot of cost. There are other methods available which can be used to reduce the extra burden on your server by using CDN. CDN means “Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution network” which is used to Speed up the loading time of your blog/website. There are many benefits of using CDN on your Website/Blog which are listed down:

  • Improved Blog Loading Speed
  • Minimum Chances of Your Blog go Down
  • Higher Search Ranking for your Blog
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Less Server Error
  • Manage Heavy Traffic easily

Some of the best used WordPress CDN Plugins are listed below:

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