Top 5 iPhone Games March 2014 that You Must Have

Do you own a iPhone ? And you love playing Games more than anything else? This is your read. If you own a iPhone and you haven’t got these Games installed on your iPhone, well, you should download these games right away or  perhaps just forget about your iPhone. In this article, we have assembled the list of top 10 free iPhone Games that you must have on your iPhone. Get ready, pull up your socks and start playing. 

Top 5 iPhone Games March 2014 that You Must Have

5. Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper

The Rhythm thief is an adventure game based on rhythm that would test your style, quickness and timing. The game include fight and dance that gets tougher with each mission you cross.


  • 50 different missions
  • 20 original songs with variations
  • Limited time out missions
  • Avatar customization & more 

Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper

Download Link: 

4. Clumsy Ninja

Say hello to ‘Clumsy ninja” – the most happening ninja ever. You can train him, tickle him, throw him and tie him with balloons. Clumsy Ninja is on mission to find her friend Kira, help him and make him more skillful with your each move. He is very sensitive, full of feelings and he reacts uniquely, please take good care of him! 


  • Earn Ninja Belts
  • Adventurous
  • Customize your Ninja’s belt, suits and headbands.
  • First Game ever with Euphoria Simulation technology.
  • Requirements: iOS 5.0 or above.

Clumsy Ninja

 Download link : 

3. Kiwi & Me

Meet your new friend ‘Kiwi’, a lovely character, who’s a little bit bird, a little bit plant and more of a cutie pie. In this game, Kiwi is looking for her missing mother. Help kiwi find her mother by navigating mountains, deserts and forests through mixing and matching colorful puzzles.


  • Match colorful puzzle to complete levels
  • 75 Challenging missions
  • Unlock amazing stuff like toys, accessories and treats.
  • Help Kiwi grow and teach her speak your name
  • Discover Colorful graphics, Cute sounds and more.

Kiwi & Me

 Download Link: 

2. Battle Supermacy

Editor’s Choice on the AppStore, Battle Supremacy is the ultimate TANK combat game. This game is totally thrilling with best ever graphic effects. The game includes combat mission on land, in air and sea. Experience the ultimate thrill by rolling down a TANK and destroy the enemy at sight.

The game is available only on iOS platform and offers single as well as multiplier option. So if you’re looking for some action, you know where is it. 

Battle Supermacy

Download link: 

1. Castle Doombad

So here’s the topper on the list ‘Castle Doombad’. Rated 5 out of 5, this game is all set to rock and roll on the Apple Store. It’s good to be bad sometimes. In this game, you can show your dark side and be bad and setup traps for gooders trying to save a princess in your hold.Let’s take a look at some features. 


  • 45 challenging missions across 3 different chapters
  • Superheroes, Knights, Archers, and more.
  • Compete with your friends.
  • Upgradeable Minions to overcome your intruders
  • Unlock difficult levels with extreme challenge

Castle Doombad

Download link:

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