Top 5 Cool Apps to Make Your Life Fun and Easy

What do you do in your free times? Well, you might probably check out your Facebook timeline or open up a news app to know what’s going on around the world. If that’s not your thing, you may put on your headphones on and enter the enchanting world of music. 

But, there are a few more awesome ways to pass your time. Listed below are some of the coolest apps meant to fill up the empty space while you have nothing else to do.

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Top 5 Cool Apps to Make Your Life Fun and Easy

Karaoke Sing & Record

Always wanted to be a singer, but couldn’t really make it to the centre stage? Well, here is your chance to let the world know about the hidden talent in you. This cool Karaoke app lets you sing to an endless catalogue of music videos on YouTube.

Record the song and then share it with your friends. The app also lets you add special effects like echo and reverb to the song, thereby making it sound cooler.

Traffic Racer

How you wish you could race your way back home from office? But, the traffic won’t let you do that. So, how about racing in the virtual world? Traffic Racer is an interesting 3D app that offers smooth and realistic car handling experience.

In all, you have 31 different cars to choose from. Game modes include Endless, 2-way, time-trial, police chase and free ride. After a certain point, this game is sure to turn into an addiction, so beware.

Workout Trainer

Are you the one who always thinks about burning extra calories? Well, here is something that will make your task easy, especially when you are away from home and cannot make it to the gym. The app includes step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions packed with the most needed encouragement. No matter if you are lifting weights at a gym or performing mild cardio at home, this app can turn out to be a perfect companion.

Learn Guitar Chords

Always wanted to learn guitar, but never really got the time to look out for a good guitar teacher. Well, this app gets you covered. Best suited for beginners and intermediates, the app shows you how to precisely play the most used guitar chords. Interestingly, the app lets you choose between acoustic and electric guitar sounds.

Of course, the app may not be able to turn you into a guitar maestro overnight, but is surely good enough to push your guitar-learning journey to the next level.

50 languages

Does your work require you to travel frequently across the globe? No doubt, it is one of the most interesting jobs on the planet, but languages at times do seem to be a problem especially while you are in a non-English speaking country.

50 languages include several lessons that help you build your vocabulary in some of the most widely spoken languages. The app needs no prior knowledge. It efficiently combines audio and text, thereby making language-learning a lot more interesting.

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