Top 4 Moodle Alternative 2014 – Best Open Source E-Learning Software

Moodle Alternative 2014 – In this post I have come up with Top 4 Open Source E-Learning Software. When it comes to E-Learning Open Source Software for College, School or other education institution, the answer you will get is “Moodle“. Although Moodle is not Commercial Software and you can use it for Free but some users feels it little complex to use. For all those users who want to use E-Learning software for their educational institutes, there are other Open Source software that can be used. In this post you can find Top 4 Open-Source E-Learning Software.

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Best Open Source E-Learning Software

Top 4 Open Source E-Learning Software

1. eFront

eFront is very simple Open Source E-Learning Software that supports many modules like Courses, Quiz, Survey etc. The open-source edit of eFront will cover a range of your needs. If you are looking for a specialized solution then take a look at different efront editions.

2. openelms

Open Elms offers a variety of support and hosting services allowing you hassle-free e-learning implementation. The Software offers Business Focused Learning with Hosting and Support facility. The software allows to Use Jackdaw to create ground breaking training in virtual 3D rooms.

3. Claroline

Claroline is an Open Source software to easily deploy a dedicated learning and online collaboration platform. Available in many languages, Claroline can be downloaded and installed freely. The wide range of tools available to the user allows any teacher or learner to set up or run a pedagogical device that promotes learning. The generic tools (calendar, documents, videos, …) allows use of the platform in different contexts.

4. Chamilo

Chamilo is a project that opts for free software (meaning open source with a high ethical goal) in a radical way. It aims at bringing you the best e-learning and collaboration platform in the open source world.

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