Top 3 Best Drone for Drone Photography and 4K Videos

Being able to take aerial photos and 4K videos that leave you breathless is awesome. Luckily, the drone industry has known great advancements thanks to the available technologies nowadays.

Photography enthusiasts and film-makers can take advantage of amazing features and functions, regardless of their budget. However, if you are one of those people who can’t wait to buy the next best drone on the market, you should be ready to extend your budget a bit.


The market has a generous offer of quadcopters for all experience levels but there are a few models that are made to impress.

Here are the 3 best drones for aerial photography and 4K videos:


1. DJI Inspire 1

There is a good reason why most professionals choose this drone. It is able to capture HD videos within 1.5 miles from the controller’s position, has a 4K video camera that can shoot at 30 frames per second and a 3-axis stabilization gimbal that can help users take still 14 MP photos.

It is considered to be one of the best drones out there due to its ability to transmit live video feed through its app that can be installed on devices with iOS or Android.

DJI Inspire 1’s gimbal is responsible for the camera’s ability to tilt 135 degrees and pan 360 degrees.

Its retractable landing gears are also remarkable. They were designed to retract so that the possibility of them appearing in any of the shots is equal to zero.

This drone can fly for about 18 minutes and automatically returns home with the push of a button. It doesn’t include a display but it is compatible to a large range of FPV accessories.

2. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon

Just like DJI, Yuneec is a leader in drone manufacturing that comes with amazing capabilities and multiple advanced features. It integrates a 12 MP camera and 4K video camera (CG03) and a 3-axis stabilization gimbal for flexible, yet stable movements.

This drone can be controlled using the personal ground station (ST10+) that can show both the camera feed and the video recording at the same time.

The photos and videos taken with the Typhoon drone lack any kind of distortion and can be precisely controlled during the flight.

The Q500 can fly for about 25 minutes, but it also comes with 2 extra batteries for an extended flight time of 50 minutes in total.  It includes a 5.5 inches tablet for real-time feed and control and it comes with an aluminum carrying case for protection during travel.

3. 3DR Solo drone – the so-called “first smart drone” is truly smart. It is equipped with 2 different computers for the drone and the controller; it works around an orbit, being able to circle an object when commanded.

This intelligent device is able to track you when your hands are busy and the only thing you have to do is have fun. Moreover, it can be kept on a certain track by locking it on a virtual cable.

This drone is ideal not only for aerial photography and 4K video shooting, but also for selfies. No stick and no photographer are required. It will be just you, your friends and your drone.

When flying it, you can adjust the camera’s position and memorize it for the next flights, as well as adjust its speed, shoot and snap. More than that, you can send your materials right to your phone or tablet through a wireless connection.

The flight is monitored using 500 parameters thanks to the separate computers in the controller and the device itself.

In case of accidents, you will be covered by the logs on both the copter and the remote that won’t disappear after the connection is lost.

Unlike other drones, this one is built with future innovations in mind. An open gimbal bay is included for easy integration of future accessories.

Also, once you own this device, you can rest assured that it will never be outdated, as it automatically updates via Wi-Fi whenever new improvements are being launched.

These are 3 of the best drones for aerial photography and 4K videos available on today’s market, but that doesn’t mean that other models are worthless. These drones are what most professionals are looking for when planning to take out-of-the-box pictures and videos.

Always choose your next drone thinking about the future. Think about your next activities and projects and make sure that your next drone is worth the investment, that it meets your requirements and satisfies your expectations.

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