Tips To Make Your Mac Perform Better

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If you buy a product of quality, like a Mac, you expect it to perform well. And that’s obvious because you pay for the proper quality. Although through the years even the most effective and efficient technology wears off if not taken care of. 

In fact, a very often issue that slows down a lot of Macs is an uncleared cache, especially if it hasn’t been cleared for a longer period of time. Or maybe even never. You can follow this useful link to learn more about how to clear the cache on a Mac.

In this list, we want to share some more tips that will help you reach the highest performance and effectiveness with your Mac. If you try out these tips, you should see a clear change in your Mac’s speed right after you restart it.

Delete The Apps You Don’t Need

Yes, we all like to download apps and try them out, especially if they are free – and there are so many free apps nowadays. But have it in mind that all apps, used or unused, take up valuable space on your hard-drive and slow down your Mac. Also, all these apps create additional files of data and even more files in the hard-drive directory that describe where all those additional files are placed. 

In cases of over flooded hard-drive, you could even risk the loss of your data. When apps save new data, especially game apps, the apps create new data that is also stored on your hard-drive. And if there is no space left, you might lose your data and progress in your games won’t be saved. 

Remove Filed You Don’t Need

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Make sure you delete all the files that you don’t need – because you already know what happens when you have no free space in your hard-drive. You can also use additional software that helps get rid of duplicate photos on your Mac. For your Mac to feel healthy and function properly, you should keep at least 10% of it free.

If you deleted all the unnecessary files and you still struggle to free up enough space on your hard-drive, then try using cloud storage. There are many platforms that you will find online, one of the most popular ones are Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. More to it, you will be able to access your files from any device that has an internet connection. 

Buy A Hard Drive

If you don’t trust a cloud platform or have another issue – not constant access to the internet or a very limited data plan, then the best solutions for you are to purchase a hard-drive to keep your files. 

Use Monolingual App To Delete Extra Languages

Your Mac is storing quite some extra languages that are taking up space and slowing down all the processes. To delete these languages, you can use a specialized app called Monolingual that is completely free to use. When you install it and launch it, simply check all the languages that you want to remove. 

Shut Down Apps And Processes That Use Up The Most Memory

To do this, go to the Applications folder and click on the Activity Monitor option. Here you’ll easily see which apps and processes are using the most memory at the current moment. If you want to shut down some of these apps, just click the X button on the left side.

Close Unnecessary Apps On Your Browser

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There are some people who really like to keep a lot of tabs open. What they don’t know is that usually the internet browser, whichever you are using, uses most of the resources on your Mac. So go ahead and close all the tabs on your browser that you are not using at the moment – you’ll see that everything will start to function and load faster than usual. 

Clear The Cache Of Your Browser

If you clearly notice that your Mac starts to function more slowly when you are on the internet, the best solution might be to clear the cache of your browser. Clearing the cache depends on the browser you are using but if you are using Safari, then click on the Safari menu, then go to Empty Cache and click Empty. 

Clear Your Desktop

Hs might seem like a very simple tip but it’s very important. It’s not just a rule to keep everything in order. When you have a lot of icons and thumbnails on your desktop, your Mac uses additional RAM resources to load and display each and every one of them. And on the other hand, if you have a lot of unorganized files on your desktop, this really makes your work less efficient – it takes quite some time to find what you need.

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