Thinnest 1:1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone – OrientPhone I9500S Smartphone Launched

Thinnest Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone – Lots of Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone are coming into market and the latest is 1:1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone. OrientPhone I9500S is the Thinnest S4 Alternative with Motions and Gestures Function which is available from online retailer OrientDeal for a price of $229.68. It is Smartphone with IPS HD Display Screen which means you can enjoy the crystal screen videos in 720p resolution. OrientDeal is becoming one of the major competitor in selling affordable smartphone with all the premium features that are present in any high-end smartphone. Earlier I have done the review for Chinese Clone Mobiles and Tablets available for buy from Orientdeal. Some of those devices are as follows:

OrientPhone I9500S Mobile Phone

However in this post the focus is on one of the Smartphone with Thinnest S4 Alternative with Motions and Gestures Function and running on Latest Android Jelly Bean Operating System version 4.2.2 which is OrientPhone I9500S and you can find reviews, features and technical specifications of OrientPhone I9500S Mobile Phone below:  

OrientPhone I9500S Smartphone Features and Reviews

OrientPhone I9500S Mobile Phone has 5.0 Inches IPS 1280*720 Pixels Full Vision Angle Resolution Screen, All Joint Technology. Watching a movie or playing games in such high-resolution pleases the eyes and provides enjoyment to the fullest. The device runs on Android Jelly Bean Operating System version 4.2.2 which means you get access to all the apps available on Google Play Store. Read to know about most interesting Google Android Apps. OrientPhone I9500S is the thinnest Samsung Galaxy S4 Alternative and this can be proved from the picture below:

Thinnest Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone

It is a DUAL SIM Mobile with the capability of both 2G and 3G Internet. OrientPhone I9500S Mobile is powered by a very powerful 1.2GHZ MTK6589T Cortex A7 Quad Core Processor. You can play all the games on this device with this kind of premium processing power. Read Play games of past like Mario, Battle City, Contra, Bomber man on Android Smartphone and Tablets. With Quad Core Processor 1GB of RAM allows enough flash memory to run many apps simultaneously. 

OrientPhone I9500S Smartphone Features

OrientPhone I9500S Mobile Phone comes with 4GB(Display 1.88 GB) of internal storage which is sufficient enough to store data files for most of the games and to expand the storage capacity you have the option of using TF card which can increase the space up to 32GB. There are Dual Cameras in OrientPhone I9500S Mobile, front camera is of 2.0MP and a back camera of 8.0MP with flashlight and auto. For Data Transfer you have USB and Bluetooth Options and for accessing mobile internet WAP and Wi-Fi services are present. GPS is also present with all the other connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, 3G and others. Battery Capacity of OrientPhone I9500S is 2,600mAh which looks good and should present the device good backup time.

Most Important Features of OrientPhone I9500S Smartphone

  • 1:1 as s4 size and face – It is the first 1:1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone Mobile
  • Air Gesture $ Motion Feature – First Clone to come with Air Gesture and Motion Feature

Thinnest 1:1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone

OrientPhone I9500S Smartphone Technical Specifications

  • Operating System : Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • Display Screen : 5.0 Inch Screen with IPS HD Screen Resolution of 1280*720 Pixels
  • Processor : 1.2GHz Quad Core MTK6589T Cortex A7 
  • Memory : 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 32GB with TF card
  • Camera : 8.0 Mega Pixel rear camera with Flashlight and 2.0 MP front facing camera
  • Dual Sim : Yes
  • 3G : Yes
  • Connectivity Options : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (3G Tethering)
  • Battery Capacity : 2,600 mAh

OrientPhone I9500S Mobile Phone Price is $229.68 and it is available from OrientDeal 

OrientPhone I9500S First Hands On Video

OrientPhone I9500S Full Hands on Testing

Gesture and Motion Hands on Video

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