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How to Get Traffic to your Blog ? This is the question that comes in mind to every blogger and for new Bloggers this is the first thing that makes them worried. There are many ways to get good traffic to your Blog like building nice Social Presence, writing a guest post, commenting on other Blogs and many more. Getting Traffic to your Blog is directly linked to the link building and in the earlier post I have written about Top ways to Build SEO friendly Links. You can follow them also to get good backlinks to your Blog, But when doing SEO optimization there are some Black Hat SEO techniques that you should avoid. In this post I am going to tell a new website I came across which can help you in getting good traffic to your blog for free. 

TraffUP is the way to get Good Human Traffic to your Blog

 Many of you will be wondering that why I have used the phrase ‘Human Traffic’, the reason is there are many services that increase traffic by bots or automatic visits and these are not good for SEO. Now how TraffUP works and how you can get traffic from TraffUP for free ? It is give and take system in which you will get some points to start with and when you visit another user’s web page, you earn some more points and if some other user visits your Blog webpage then some points are deducted from your account. So as long as you have some points in your kitty you will get traffic from all over the world. 

How to get started with Traffup

Starting with Traffup to get traffic to your Blog is very easy. Visit the Registration Page and sign up by entering the details like shown in the figure below.

Register with TaffUp to Get Traffic to your Blog

Register with TraffUp to Get Traffic to your Blog

To activate your account you have clicked the verification link which is sent to your email (So be sure to give correct email address). Instantly you will be awarded with 100 points for verifying your email account. You can also buy points by paying money to TraffUp and details about the different packages are given on this link

Email Verification

Email Verification

Now the step to get traffic to your Blog is to add your website with TraffUp system. To do so you have visit Add New Website link and enter the details about your Blog/Website. Below is the screenshot about entry of by me. You can set the points that you want to give away on every visit by other users. Initially I have set it to ‘5’ to check the effectiveness of TraffUp, you can set it according to your need.

Register your Blog with TaffUp

Register Your Blog with TraffUp

Now to earn points so that you can get more and more traffic is to visit the Blogs of other users and to do so you have to visit the homepage of TraffUp and there you can sort the Blog listing according to the latest blog registered or points you will earn for visiting the web page  See figure below in which I have sorted the list according to the newest blog added and you can see in that list giving 5 points for visiting my blog.

Latest Blogs in TaffUp

Latest Blogs in TraffUp

You can check daily stats about the visits made to your Blog and points balance in your account by visiting My Website link. See screenshot about my account

Account Details in TaffUp

Account Details in TraffUp

So this is a new and innovative method to get traffic to your Blog free. Try it and see the change in your Blog traffic.

Register with TraffUp to get More Traffic to your Blog

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