How to Speed Up Adobe Acrobat Reader with PDF SpeedUP Tool – A Review

Many of us never care about the loading speed of Adobe Acrobat Reader, neither am I until I came across PDF SpeedUP. It is a tool with size of less than 1MB and claims to increase the loading time of Adobe Acrobat Reader software. I would not say that Adobe Reader is not preferred due to larger loading time as it is simply the best in the business yet. But if there is less loading time than it will be better as no one wants to wait for longer time. Basically the PDF SpeedUP tool turns off unwanted features to speed up Adobe Acrobat Reader. In this article I am going to describe how to use the software to reduce loading time of Adobe Acrobat Reader and in the end conclusion about the efficiency of the software.

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How to use PDF SpeedUp Tool to Speed Up Adobe Acrobat Reader

To use the software, first download PDF SpeedUP tool and install it on your system. It has a very small setup file which gets downloaded quickly and execution of exe file will show a pop up window which is start screen of the software as shown below.

PDF SpeedUP Tool Review

PDF SpeedUP Tool Review

Check all the options to increase the speed of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To start the process click on optimize button which takes some seconds to change the options and you will see another popup window like shown below.

Speed Up Adobe Acrobat Reader

Speed Up Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click on Yes to start Adobe Acrobat Reader again with changed features. You can also revert back to original settings by clicking on Restore button present next to optimize button on Home screen of the software.

Conclusion: Useful software to have in your system, although it doesn’t affect much for most of the users as Adobe Acrobat Reader itself gets loaded up in couple of seconds. But still it saves time and moreover you don’t get to see the revolving logo of Adobe everytime Acrobat Reader is started. It works with Adobe Reader version 5-11 and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

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