Is SEO a Dead Technique to get Blog Traffic? Case Study

Is SEO a Dead Technique to get Blog Traffic – I am sure that this must feel very strange reading the sentence. But this is not a conclusion, rather a case study carried out me to see whether Blog Traffic source has been shifted from SEO to other ways. For long period Blogger depends on Better SEO techniques to get better ranking in Google Search Engine and hence more traffic. But with recent Google Updates whether it is Panda, Penguin or the latest hummingbird update, traffic tends to decrease for almost every Blog. Earlier I was reading a post by Imran Uddin from in which he described about How his Blog survived the Google update tsunamis. That post gave me the idea to actually carry out a case study to see how well established Bloggers are driving traffic to their Blog.

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SEO a Dead Technique

SEO a Dead Technique to Drive Blog Traffic – Can it be True?

This is really hard for me to believe that SEO is no longer a factor that a Blogger can reply on to get more Blog traffic. I have carried out a case study in which i have picked different Blogs depending on factors chosen by me and i have analysed the source of their traffic. The factors that makes me choose the following Blogs will be cleared in their case study results.

Blog #1

The reason to choose is the post that i am talking about in the earlier section. If you read that post you start believing that you can actually get traffic without Google also. is a very popular Blog authored by Imran Uddin. It is Blog dedicated to Tips and Tricks and now rank 888 in India and Global rank if 11,167. No doubt the Blog is getting great traffic but from where. To carry out the study i have analysed the Blog on and found that almost 20% of Blog traffic comes from Facebook which is more than Google in this case. I was surprised as I haven’t seen any website or Blog generating so much traffic from Social Media platforms.

Blog #2 is a Blog that got into news when it reached Page Rank of 4 within couple of months and certainly draw everybody’s attention. The blog is authored by Saurabh and focuses on Technology and Reviews of latest softwares. The thing that i found very unique or you can say exception was the number of Social Shares and likes on the post. Observer any latest post and you can see lots of social sharing which is unbelievable. The Blog is increasing in the stature and getting lots of traffic from India and World also. Analysis of shows that if Google is delivering 15% of traffic then Facebook and Twitter combined sending more than 10% of traffic which is again quite good.

Blog #3 authored by Harsh is no doubt the second best Blog after Digital Inspiration from Amit. Harsh has come so far in his Blogging journey that now he is considered as One of the Best in the World. Reason why i choose Techgyd and Shoutmeloud is the huge amount of difference in Social Likes. Shoutmeloud has traffic rank of 348 in India and Global rank of 2,995 which is too good for any Blog from any country on any niche. The blog focuses more on Google SEO Optimization techniques and the results are quite visible from Alexa analysis as more than 25% of traffic comes from organic search only. Facebook sends around 7% of total unique visitors which is not bad but compare to the earlier two blogs considerably low.

Blog #4

Digital Inspiration is really an inspirational journey for any new Blogger. Amit Aggarwal founder of is considered as the pioneer of Indian Blogging Community. He is definitely the one who has made Blogging as Full Time Career option for Indians. Labnol is a brand just like shoutmeloud and with unique and well crafted articles manage to obtain global rank of 2,497 and still rising. This is probably the only blog that publish not more than 10 articles in a month. To get so much of traffic without daily post requires some serious SEO techniques to keep up Google Rank. Among all the four Blogs discussed till now it is the only that drives most traffic from Google which accounts more than 28% where Facebook sends only 5% of total unique visitors.

So is SEO a Dead Technique to get Traffic to Website – What do you Think?

From the above discussion and results of the study done by me it is very much clear that the question “Is SEO a Dead Technique to get Blog Traffic” is not the one that gets an answer Yes. But the study clearly shows that Bloggers are now trying and effectively using Other platforms to generate traffic. Reason not to depend on Google alone is frequent updates in their search engine. If rumours are to be believed latest HummingBird Update is already been seen as Backlink Killer by many Bloggers. You optimize your Blog according to current update and in few months new update comes and entire work goes in vain. That should not be the case and it is very much the same reason we have seen such results during the case study in which Social Media platforms and driving almost equal traffic. Google also haven’t updated it’s Page Rank since Feb 2013 which is also a factor of concern for Bloggers that depends on google for organic traffic.

In the end my conclusion from this case study is Google SEO is definitely not dead and still drives more traffic than other source but the time has come for every blogger to start working on their social media presence and look other ways also to drive traffic just as has done.

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