SendPulse — a smart way to boost your business

Modern world offers customers a great variety of goods, which rises the level of competition among business owners. To stand out among companies that promote their product using the Internet, you should provide your customers with the best service, leaving them no chance to be tempted by something else. SendPulse is an online platform that may help your business grow and make your brand recognizable.

What makes SendPulse unique?

SendPulse is a service that offers bulk emails, web push notifications, and SMS to make communication with customers easier and faster. Moreover, you can not only use these channels of communication separately but also combine them to maximize the effectiveness of your email campaign. Besides, at SendPulse you can create and edit any subscription form adaptable to all devices.

There are also other features that make the platform outstanding. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Automation 360

Automation 360 is a tool that sets up an automated flow based on a customer’s action. All you need is to add an event that you want to track and create an autoresponder. The system may send a welcoming message when your customers register at your website, remind them about the items that they have forgotten in a cart, or thank them for a purchase. You can also set up your own event and configure the flow of messages after it is triggered.

Automation 360 may send SMS and/or web push notifications if your customer hasn’t opened an email. Besides, you can see all messages received by a specific user and get a visual statistics of every automated flow.


Drag and drop editor

To make your emails appealing and recognizable, you can choose from over 100 ready templates sorted out into categories (holidays, travel, restaurant, etc.). If you want your emails to be unique, you can create them yourself using a convenient editor. You shouldn’t be an expert in HTML; all you need is to drag and drop necessary elements into your template. You can add texts, videos, pictures, and buttons. Also, you can design them as you want and change their size, position, color, etc.



It is always crucial to analyse your actions as it allows to find the gaps in your campaigns and improve its effectiveness. SendPulse has analytics feature which gives you an opportunity to collect statistics for each email campaign.

Open rate and click rate

Open rate allows you to monitor the percentage of subscribers who have opened your emails. You never know what exactly influences your customers’ decision to open an email, but your message should at least have a catching subject. Try to make it sound interesting, unusual, or funny so that your subscribers will be motivated to open a message.

Click rate is an indicator of the number of subscribers who have clicked on the links in your email. To improve this rate, your emails should comprise both interesting design and useful content.

Click chart

Wait for several days after your campaign has started, and check the click chart, which shows the number of unique clicks in your emails. The statistics will give you a sneak peek into users’ engagement. If you find out that some links are less engaging, you can refine or delete them, or vise versa, add more images if they attract your customers’ attention.

Geographic statistics

At SendPulse you can choose where, when, and to whom you want to send your emails. It is important to send a message to the right person and at the right time, so the geographic statistics will show you how many emails were opened in different territories. On the map, you may see a list of indicators by a country or by a city.

Statistics by device

Study your audience looking at which devices they use to open your emails. You can examine their types, platforms, and browsers. This information may help you notice possible problems in opening your emails, for example, on mobile phones. You can also use it as criteria for segmenting your mailing list.

Errors statistics

Sometimes there appear errors in email campaigns. Some of them are your fault, and some are not. Anyway, if your email campaign is not as effective as it should have been, SendPulse will offer you possible reasons for this.

The most frequent errors are:

  • The recipient’s mailbox is full;
  •  The email could not be delivered;
  • The address or the domain does not exist;
  • The email has been marked as spam.


At SendPulse you can compare different variants of your email and choose the one that shown the best results. To set up a test, you should create an original message and its variants. You can change their subject, text, and a sender’s address. After that, you send them to a certain number of recipients (20% of all subscribers by default, but you can change this percentage) and choose the criteria for the winning message. As a result, the system determines the winner and sends this variant to the rest of the list. Split-testing may help you in analyzing your audience’s preferences and increase your campaigns’ effectiveness.

How much does it all cost?

First of all, you can send 15,000 emails per month for free, and web push notifications are forever free! For those who want more opportunities, there are three plans to choose from:

?     Monthly subscription where you can select up to 5,000,000 subscribers;

?     Pay as you go plan where you can take email packages (up to 500,000);

?     VIP plan in case you have more than a million subscribers and want a regular email program.

As for SMS, the price depends on the country where you want to send them. You can check the prices here.

SendPulse is a platform that may become your right hand in matters of communication with customers. You can trust it with your email campaigns and concentrate on the key aspects of your business.

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