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Do you have a video that is not compatible with your device? In such cases we used to search Google to find freeware software’s to download and convert the videos in required format. Using freeware software doesn’t always bring the best video quality and often they are for limited time. After that you need to purchase the software to use it. So why not use a Fully Loaded Commercial Software in the same price. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is one such software that comes with all the features that you can think of in any video converter software. In this post I am going to share a review of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe:

But before discussing about the software, first I would like to share the news of WinXDVD Anniversary Giveaway. Just visit the page and click on “Get it Free” button as shown below:

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After clicking the button, you will see a screen like below. Enter the email and submit it, and then you will receive a free license of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

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Features of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Software

  1. Convert Video – There are more than 370 video and audio codecs to use for converting the media in required format. There is various conversion format allowed such as YouTube to MP3, Convert 4K/1080P Video to MKV, MP4 etc.
  2. Edit Video – There are various editing options available in the software. You can easily edit video by adding subtitles, trimming portions of video and selecting desired video quality.
  3. Downloading Video/Audio Options – The software allows easy downloading of 4K/1080p video from Vevo, YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Yahoo, Break, SoundCloud, MTV, etc. in real time.
  4. 5X Fast Conversion Speed – The software supports world’s most advanced Intel QSV, MMX-SSE, Nvidia CUDA/NVENC, Hyper-threading and AMD 3DNow! Tech that accelerates the video conversion speed. Due to this technology, the software is also considered as one of the Best H265 Video Converter.
  5. Making Photo Picture Slideshow Video – With the use of this software, you can easily create slideshow from your JPG/PNG/BMP photos images in a flash. It also comes with bonus feature to add background music to the slideshow.
  6. Huge Support of Apple and Android Phones Format – The software supports more than 410 profiles for Apple, android and Windows Phone. It also features Hardware Acceleration technology that makes the video conversions 16x faster.

Review of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Software

Download and install this HD video converter, open it on your Windows PC and you will see Home Screen of the software as below:

winx dvd converter deluxe - 3

Load the media file to convert and select output format as per the requirement.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 4

There are various options available like you can select Hardware Encoder – Intel and nVIDIA.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 5

If the source is interleaving, then to clean the video you can check the “Deinterlacing” option as shown in the above image also. Clicking it will open a pop up as shown below:

winx dvd converter deluxe - 6

By doing so you can make the video much cleaner.

Sometimes we have multiple video sources which needs to be merged into a single video source. To do so you can click the “Merge” checkbox.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 7

Once the settings are done, just click on Run Button to start the conversion process.

There are other options also as discussed in the feature section of the article above. One such feature is Download from YouTube. Select the YouTube URL from top menu of the software.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 8

After that you need to paste the required URL and click on “Analyze” button. After few seconds, you will see all the available format. Select any profile to download the video. You can also select “Auto Convert” check box to convert the video is specified format.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 9

Another feature is creating videos from Photos. For that select, the Photo menu from Software Top Bar.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 10

Pick the folder containing pictures and select the profile.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 11

In the edit section you can sort the photos order, Add Music and interval duration.

winx dvd converter deluxe - 12

That’s it and you can have beautiful video of pictures in the folder specified.

WinXDVD Anniversary Giveaway – The company is offering the software for free. All you must do is visit the Giveaway page, add your email id. All of you can get Free License Key of the wonderful HD Video download & convert software.

So overall, I can say that the software is very useful, easy interface and comes with lots of features to play with your video file.

About Digiarty Software:

With 10 years of experience in the industry, Digiarty is now a leader in personal and home-use video audio applications based on Windows and macOS. It provides fast and easy-to-use DVD ripper/copier/creator, HEVC video converter, online video downloader, media player, iPhone file manager, video audio streaming app, etc.

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