Get Rid of Poor Quality Internet Service Once and for All

Having good internet connection is so important these days that many consider having one to be as important as having running water or electricity. Whether it’s for doing actual work, playing online games, or watching hours of cat videos on end, having a fast and stable internet connection is useful for so many things.

Let’s look at some of the ways on how you can get good quality internet service.

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Make Sure You’re Getting Fast Internet

One reason why you have slow internet is that you chose a slow internet plan. You may have subscribed to the plan a few years ago and got stuck in a plan that gives you slow connection. These days, connections of over 1 Mbps are common—some are even offering connection speeds as high as 10 Mbps. You can check the speed of your connection by going to sites like  If your results match up with what your plan promised, then your internet service provider is being true to their word and you’re getting the internet speed that you’re paying for.

If you find that your current plan is not enough for your needs, you can shop around to get a better internet plan. Use a comparison website to compare broadband plans and their prices. The competition among broadband providers these days is tough so it’s possible for you to get a faster internet connection at the same price that you’re currently paying for a slower one.

Aside from the more common wired broadband types like DSL, cable, or fibre internet, you can also look into wireless broadband plans. Many telecom firms are already branching out from their traditional services of call and SMS services and offering data plans to consumers. Many of these companies are offering free Wi-Fi devices that you can use to connect your computer to. This would be the equivalent to the Wi-Fi router that you use with your wired broadband connection.

If you’re happy with your current service provider but are just stuck with their old plan, you can contact your provider to check if they can offer you a free upgrade. Let them know that you’re shopping around for a faster internet connection and if they can’t offer you a free upgrade, then go ahead and apply for a new plan from another provider and cut your ties with the old one.

Don’t Forget Customer Service

Customer service is another point to consider when choosing a broadband provider. Go online and look for reviews for the quality of the customer service of different broadband providers. You can also ask friends about who their broadband service provider is and if they’re happy with the customer service of their provider. There will be times when your connection will fail despite all of your attempts to fix your connection by yourself. These are the times when good customer service is important as you will need to coordinate with your provider to have someone go to your place to fix the connection.

You are paying good money for that internet connection so make sure you are getting a decent one by comparing your current plan with those offered by competitors. You might be surprised to find a competitor offering a faster internet connection for a much lower price so you get to save money by choosing a different provider and getting faster internet to boot! There will be times when your internet connection will fail and that’s when good customer service is important, so don’t forget to do your research on which broadband provider is offering great customer service as well.

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