Remove Duplicate Photos with Duplicate Photos Fixer Android app – Review

A picture is worth a thousand words. In order to keep the memories alive, pictures are the only means. Photos are counted as the most valued possession.

So, do you manage your photo-gallery efficiently? Or you are the one who keeps on getting low memory warnings while clicking pictures?

Getting such warnings is really annoying and sitting down to spruce things up from your phone to make room for other things is more annoying!

However, while cleaning, you must have found that the maximum space was occupied by photos and that too same photos. In other words, duplicate photos clog the space in the phones.

How do duplicate photos accumulate in phones?

Duplicate photos collect in our phones when:

  • We edit pictures, like crop, resize, add color effects to them; the device saves it as another photo.
  • We share photos through messaging apps, social media; the device again saves it as another picture.
  • Transmission errors while sharing photos, such as through Bluetooth.
  • Downloading of same photos multiple times from the Web.

Our photo collection grows incessantly and multiplies like weeds, and arranging all the photos can be a dreadful task. With the right tool and approach, organizing all the photos won’t be a dreary one!

The right tool- Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos Fixer can help Android users in removing duplicate photos from their phone and provide extensively free space. Also, it would help in bolstering the speed and performance of the device.


Let’s get a better insight of it:

Duplicate Photos Fixer is a step ahead than other duplicate photo finders.  It gives you the option to scan only those areas of your phone where you want. It scans both internal and external storage space. A quick scan and one click will remove all photos instantly.


Flexible scan modes

The full scan mode scans both internal and external storage space to catch the hidden duplicate photos present on your phone.

Camera mode scans those pictures which are captured by the camera of the device.

Select folders feature of Duplicate Photos Fixer will let users select only those photos and folders which they want to get it scanned for finding duplicate photos.


Exclude folders

You can exclude folders from the process of scanning by putting it in the exclusion list. Alter the list according to your convenience. Remove, or add; your choice!

Group-wise result

The scanning results are displayed group-wise in order to make it easy for users to interpret the duplicates.

In each group, there is one unmarked photo selected by the tool for keeping it on the phone considering it the best on the basis of dimension, resolution, and the date on which photo was captured.



Once the scanning is done, the group-wise results can either be auto-marked or users can manually complete the task.


Preview before you delete

Consider the fact that this app ensures deletion of duplicate photos only. It keeps utmost care that users do not end up deleting wrong photos. So, for that purpose, it provides an option to preview them before you delete finally.


Set criteria for accurate results

You can set the matching level for more accurate results.

To sum up, Duplicate Photos Fixer is a great app for removing duplicate photos from Android phone and get a tidy photo-gallery. It’s user-friendly interface and no ad feature will allow you to enjoy its features seamlessly.


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