Regain Access to Password Locked Computer with Windows Password Key (Review)

The more complex your Windows password is, the more possibility you will forget or loss it, even though a long and complex password can be safer to protect your private data, especially some secret business information. Getting locked out of Windows is terrible. And usually when you are stuck in this trouble, you may be tempered to reinstall the system, because it would be easier than trying to recover the password. No, not at all. It is not that difficult to reset your Windows password. What you need is just a Windows password recovery tool.

Considering that so many password recovery tool coming out in the market, I think Windows Password Key stands out from all others.

Windows Password Key is a small software application designed specifically for helping you reset lost Windows administrator and user passwords by creating password recovery CDs/DVDs or USBs. Keep reading to have a look at its outstanding features.

Easily to Operate as 1-2-3


Most people choose to reinstall the system mainly because it is easy, even though they know all data will be erased. For Windows Password Key, Anyone without heavy computing and programming knowledge can do it smoothly. The wizard-like interface guides you clearly through all the steps of the data recovery. You only need 3 steps to complete the whole recovery process. After you successfully download and install it, you can burn a bootable disk, and then insert the disk into the password linked computer and start to reset password.

Fully Compatible with all Windows System and PC Brands


When you get a password recovery tool, you may first of all consider: will it work with my computer? When I purchase another computer, will it still support it? No worries. Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista are all supported. No matter you are using Dell, HP, Sony, or Lenovo, you can use this tool. Even when a friend of yours comes across a similar trouble, you can help him out with this Windows password reset tool.

Quickly and Effectively to Complete

It is usually urgent to recovering Windows password, so that you can get access to your computer as soon as possible. Other software may not guarantee to find the password quickly, or even fail to get a password. For Windows Password Rest, 100% Windows reset rate is guaranteed. Moreover, you can regain the access to your computer in a minute.

In Conclusion

All things considered, Windows Password Key offers straightforward solution for resetting your Windows password, which can be handled by all types of users, regardless of their experience level. Although the standard version is a bit limited, comparing to the professional and enterprise version. For your own needs, you can choose the appropriate version to solve your Windows password issues.

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