Recovery of Data from Accidentally Formatted Seagate Laptop

One of the worse things, which can happen to any laptop user, is the data loss due to hard drive failure. The failure of the hard drive means a loss of all the critical business information, emails and contacts that you save in the Seagate laptop. The laptops are very susceptible to physical damages and other problems related to data integrity and the main reason behind the portability of the system. The laptop recovery services are aimed at resolving the most challenging laptop issues. The issues covered ranges from the simplest to the most catastrophic forms of data loss. Such a data loss of critical information often leads to productivity issues.


The characteristics of a typical data loss are the inaccessible data on the Seagate laptop, the accidental deletion of files and overwriting the data control structures and corrupted files due to abnormal device operation and damage.

The laptops are often exposed to heat, dust and water, which accounts for the data loss and hence a formatted data recovery software is very much needed.  The portability of these on-the-field devices also can be a reason for the data loss. The reasons for the data loss can be mechanical and electrical failures, software corruption and human errors. Some of the symptoms of such a data loss scenario are as follows:

  • Inaccessible drives and partitions
  • Virus attacks
  • Component failure of hard disk
  • Hard disk crashes
  • Applications unable to run or load data
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions
  • Data corruption
  • Contamination and damage of the media surface 
  • Damage due to fire or liquids
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Dropped notebook – no longer turns on

We are going to discuss the situation of the data loss caused by the accidentally formatted hard disk due to reformatted partitions. The reformatting of the hard drive leads to the reinstallation of the operating systems like Windows. Such a reformatting will lead to the data loss situation and a backup of all the files are needed to be kept, preferably in the external drive. The need for reformatting often arises due to virus infection and this requires a complete reformatting of the drive rather than a quick reformatting. Some viruses may survive quick formatting.

The fastest and the cheapest way to clean a Seagate laptop is reformatting. This is also called the formatting of the hard disk. When the laptop suffers from some form of severe malware attack, then reformat will simply clean the Seagate laptop. The reformatting process needs to be preceded with a backup procedure. All the files and folders are to be backed up in the CD/DVDs, flash disks or memory cards.  

In such a scenario of the accidental formatting of the hard drive, we always need to fall back on this backup. But what happens when accidentally a particular folder was not backed up. There are software to recover these accidentally deleted files with the help of Data Recovery software, after the complete formatting is done.

Next, when the reinstallation of the Windows operating system is to be done, a backup of the whole drive has to be taken. This will save time when next time this problem reoccurs so that one need not go through this long process again. After the reinstallation of Windows, the backup needs to be restored from the external drive.

All the device drivers and the Operating System Installation CDs are required for the reinstallation of the operating system in the Seagate laptop. With the reformatting and the reinstallation of Windows, we also need to download Windows update with the help of the Autopatcher. This is to prevent the freshly installed Windows being made vulnerable to malware and viruses. Just by connecting to the internet, one gets infected.

This type of specialized software tool can be used for repairing the corrupt NTFS and FAT file systems. There is a complete recovery of lost and deleted files and folders, due to such reasons like partition deletion and formatting, Windows registry corruption, abrupt system shutdowns, hard disk failures and virus attacks.

These software are generally compatible with the range of file systems like FAT 16 and FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS5. The types of hard disk supported are SATA, EIDE, IDE, PEN, ZIP, USB and SDSI.

One good point to remember here is not to copy or save any new files. After the hard drive is formatted, the pointers linking to the files get deleted and so the files can be recovered later, if data is not overwritten on that space.

There are many software, which are available for a complete recovery of the partitions and the hard drives. We do also have options to recover photos, videos and audio files from these formatted devices. The Data Recovery software can provide a solution for all potential data loss situation like spill over or sabotage, drop and jerk of laptops and natural disasters. The formatted data recovery software can also recover the encrypted and the compressed files. There are other options like creation of the image file of the hard disk, so that the recovery becomes easier at later stage. The files that are deleted in the recycle bin can also be recovered with the latest generation of such Data Recovery Software for the Seagate laptop. The Data Recovery software must not reside on the same drive, from which we need to recover the data.

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