PDFBear Online Tool: 5 Reasons You Need to Have This Converter in Your Life

Before we talk about the benefits and steps on how to convert Word to PDFs, let’s first tackle the background of PDF. PDF is an abbreviated form for Portable Document Format; the man behind this brilliant idea is one of the fathers of Adobe System Inc., and an entrepreneur, Dr. John Edward Warnock. 

He started it in 1991 and named it first as a Camelot Project; the Camelot Project’s aim was to let anyone photograph any document using different applications, send it everywhere facing no problem, and photocopy and view it from any machine available. After a year, it was changed into PDF, the name wherein we’re familiar today. 

Since we already tackled the background of PDF, let’s now go to the very purpose of this article, and that’s knowing the reasons one by one why we need this brilliant tool. No need to worry, Pal, the information that we will feed you won’t be a waste of time; this is beneficial, especially if there’s tons of paperwork assigned to you. Keep reading and enjoy it until the end! 

PDFBear Converter Solves All Your Problem

Once you secure a reliable converter, all your worries about the papers that need to be passed on time will disappear, Pal; instead, you’ll have hassle-free days since it will do all the work for you. Once you find a converter that hooks your taste, never let it go. If you’re still hunting an efficient and effective tool, you can look at our PDFBear online tool; this is an all-around and easy-to-use converter, Buddy! 

In converting PDF to Word files, for instance, this tool will never fail you in that matter. We all know that a PDF is transferable, and it preserved the original format, right? However, it does not allow users to edit the text directly. Once you own a PDF to Word converter, it will be easy to manipulate the files and the format. 

The Steps are Easy to Follow

If this tool is unfamiliar to you, we’ll help you understand and execute all the steps correctly; don’t be worried because the process is straightforward. For the first step, hit the Select Files key, but if you already have the file you need to convert, you can drag it instantly to the box found at the center. 

Just wait for a little time until the converter finishes scanning and extracting the text. It will directly proceed to the conversion process after extracting and scanning the file, so just wait for a few moments. After a while, your Word document is ready to be downloaded. 

PDFBear is Flexible

Perhaps you’re puzzled why I’m recommending this tool, well, it’s flexible compared to other tools out there! It wasn’t made for one purpose only, it can do a lot of things, Pal. PDFBear can split pages from PDF, merge PDF, deleting pages, and convert HTML files to PDF files, changing PPT to PDF and vice versa. What a fantastic converter!

This Tool is Legal and Trusted by Many People

Aside from that, this tool is owned by Megacloud Limited. It’s legal and trusted by many, so there’s nothing to fret about. If you’re anxious about your privacy and safety, PDFBear can be trusted when it comes to that matter; in fact, they immediately delete the files you’ve converted after an hour as a sign that they can be trusted. It’s a good investment and you benefit from it without risking your safety. 

Premium Version Offers a Lot of Benefits

Once you purchase a premium account, you can do unending work while having big document sizes, compress your files, you’ll no longer deal with the ads, and unlimited storage for your supported files will be given once you become a member.  

The price may be high for you, but it’s worth spending, so there’s nothing to be sad about. You can choose to pay annually for only US$ 299.99. But you can pay a monthly fee if purchasing the whole package is kind of heavy for you; it will only cost you US$ 14.99, Pal! 


Converting PDF files to Word files is an easy job to do once you seize the most fantastic tool, Buddy! PDF Bear is offering you the most convenient way of converting files; you must grab it now and use it for your advantage!

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