My Life’s Memorable Day was the last day of my stay in Pune with my Friends

There are only very few days in our entire life span that can be termed as memorable days. I found myself to be among the few lucky ones who remembers every moment of that day. My memorable day was not meeting with anyone, or spending time with my pet (although I don’t have one) but it was my last day in Pune. If you have read my earlier posts about the life changing turn in my life, you must have known that I worked for some time as IT professional in TechMahindra. I went to Pune for initial training and stay there for around 2 years. Although Pune is a nice place with great weather, but for some reasons I don’t like it very much. Those reasons can be homesickness, food, weather, missing friends from college and so on. But meeting with Nasir, Ankush and Pune made my stay in Pune was the memorable moment of my life. We have spent an excellent time together, we laughed in each other happiness, shared pain in sorrow moments. It was living like a family away from family, which is quite rare and for me an appreciable effort for 4 individuals from different backgrounds. 

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We all have one thing in common which is coming back to Delhi at any cost. Everyone tried with their best effort, but Ankush was the first one to grab the opportunity. We were so happy for him, but we felt a different emotion which i can’t describe in words. After that, I happened to be the next lucky guy in the queue. Just after the Diwali visit with family, my manager came told me that the transfer request i put months before is finally accepted. He gave me the bets Diwali Gift. Now is the time for the other two guys being jealous of me :). Just kidding, but the night, which is my last in Pune (at that time) became the most memorable moment. I am sure that I will have some more memorable moments in the life, but till this time that was one night I can never forget.

I don’t remember the name of the restaurant we visited to celebrate my last day in Pune. But it was a Punjabi Dhaba on Kothrud area in Pune, and the first thing I remember is eating Garlic Nan for the first and last time. Being from Jain family, Garlic is a total no in our house. So that is one thing I still remember, but apart from that spending one last night with my friends who supported me in is quite remarkable and unforgettable. There was nothing special in that night like no celebrations, nothing but it has lots of emotions. My stay in Pune away from family made me realize that meeting with true friends in life means a lot. And we really miss them when our friends goes away from us when he is like a family to us. For the first time in my life, at that night I felt both emotions – Happiness and Sad. I was so happy that I had left most of things in Pune, since I don’t have the time to pack. But the feeling of leaving friends in Pune is quite painful and most of the people might not understand as they have to live the moment to actually feel it.

We have our dinner and without showing much emotion we walked back to our flat and next day I came back to Delhi.

Believe me we haven’t talked much with each other that night. It was the respect and understanding we shared with each other made that night memorable for me.

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