Mobile Casino Gambling is Coming to America

There’s little doubt Americans love their electronic devices. There is essentially nothing someone can’t do with a tablet or smartphone. They can buy an entire wardrobe without leaving the sofa. They can order food, make a doctor’s appointment, watch movies, listen to music read the news, get love advice, take college courses and pay their bills. While playing video games is high on the list of things people like to do with their cell phones, there’s a new form of adult entertainment coming to a mobile device near you. 

Mobile casino gambling is about to begin sweeping across America. Soon, Americans from the Atlantic to the Pacific will be checking for information about things like the ?1 online casino reviews by Play Casino™  with their mobile devices. They will do this in anticipation of finding the right online casino for their gambling pleasure.

The table has been set. With the country finally accepting gambling into the mainstream of adult entertainment activities, state after state is moving towards passing legislation that will allow its residents to play online casino games for real cash. Better yet, casino gambling enthusiasts will be able to play their favourite casinos games at anytime from anywhere they can get a data or internet connection, and they’ll be able to do that with a smartphone of tablet.

To date, five states have already passed online casino gambling legislation with those five states being Delaware, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Someday soon, a large population of online gamblers will look upon these five states as the forefathers of the online gambling movement in America. On the same line online casino in canada is also gaining populatirty everyday.

The Popularity of Playing Games of Chance for Real Cash with Mobile Devices 

In Europe, experts estimate that 50% of all online gambling is done through mobile devices that are compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. Furthermore, those same experts are predicting that percentage will likely rise to 80% within the next two years. There’s every reason to believe the online gambling industry in America is going to see the same kind of numbers. 

Each of the nation’s land-based casino operations will eventually come to understand the tremendous potential for huge increases in revenues due to mobile gambling. The reality is Americans love to gamble, but they don’t always have the time to plan excursions to land-based casinos. What they do have time for is to sign onto their favourite online gambling mobile app to play 30 minutes of video slots while drinking coffee at the local coffee shop. 

While 90% of the states have yet to pass legislation to allow for online gambling, it would seem to be nothing more than a matter of time before the resisters start falling like bowling pins. Why? This is what American gamblers want. They want unfettered access to gamble on sports and play casino games on their mobile devices without inference for any one person of government agency.

FYI: As many as 20 more states will be looking to approve online gambling legislation within the next 12 months. With pressure being brought to bare by participating states, the other states will see the error of their ways and start to fall in line.  

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