iUser Software for easy management of users in Windows

Windows offers fairly simple but robust mechanism to manage the users of the operating system. Normally user setting is accessible from control panel of the windows. Well that becomes very complex to manage. Here we are reviewing software utility designed and developed for easy maintenance of the users in the windows.

The software utility that we will be reviewing is iUser and it has very simple GUI interface. Following are the options and working of iUser.

Main interface of iuser Software

To see the Systems Information which will show many information like user, version of windows etc. click on the “Show Systems Informations” and after that the following screen appears with all the information about the system you are running.


To add new user click on Add user and enter the user name in the field and after that password for the newly created user.

Creating new user in iuser software


There are other options also like Delete user(removes user credentials and needed just user name like the one during creation of new user), Forgot password(Helps in recovery of the forgotten password).

Download iUser

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