iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Review

Hello folks, today here in this article we would discuss about a spectacular software named iSeePassword Windows Pasword Recovery Pro, which would indirectly answer the most commonly asked questions about how to reset windows 7/8/10 passwords if you have forgotten it somehow. The first thing to put in mind is that there is nothing to be ashamed of forgetting your system password.

But the circulating question may arise in correspondence to this discussion as to why you would keep a password to your system if you are so likely to forget it. Well, your computer is a humongous storehouse of data, and thus to save it from being misused or harmed you definitely have the right to put a password protection into it. But the cause of forgetting your password at the same time could also be obvious. For instance, you have not used the account for a long time; the password you had set previously is way too complicated and lengthy to recall; some prankster might have changed the password without your knowing etc. and many more with no end to the list.

Now iSeePassword not only resets your password but bypasses your login screen dispensing the need for entering the password even without accessing your computer directly. Moreover, none of your stored data will be erased off your Windows operating system which gives an impetus to its rising reputation.

It is 100% efficient in securely resetting your system password and can be operated in mostly all the Windows OS such as XP/ 7/ 8/ 10. Besides, it supports UEFI-based computers from USB/CD/DVD drive. You can actually use this program to reset all kinds of account passwords be it of administrator, local, or root profiles.

Things that are required before using this program:

  • A separate or rented computer which is not locked down like your own computer.
  • A USB or CD/DVD drive with minimum 500 MB storage capacity.
  • iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro program.

The step by step guideline to follow up how to make the software operational is elaborated below in the article. Keep reading to know the details.

How does iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Reset Windows Password?

The software is quite handy to use as the options and the structure of its interface are very easy to choose from.

Let’s dig in to know the method with the following steps mentioned as follows:

Step 1. From a different accessible computer as your own computer is locked down, download the program file (Pro version and Advanced Version) and launch it upon installation. The steps are easy and straight forward to heed.

NOTE: Run the program with admin privileges to operate it at its full potential.

Step 2. Arrange an empty flash drive or CD/DVD to make the reset-disk as every bit of information is going to be erased once it’s formatted.

Step 3. Now after inserting the flash drive into the computer, click “Burn USB or CD/DVD” from the main interface screen of the program. It will burn the ISO files into your selected drive. Once the burning process is finished, you will be notified with a notification “Burning successfully!”

Step 4. Eject the password reset-disk and re-insert it into the locked computer. Press the specified keys from your keyboard which varies for different brands of computers to enter the BIOS setup menu. Here in this menu you will be able to change the boot priority. Select the password-reset-disk from this “Boot Device Priority” menu.

Step 5. Choose the target account which is locked and click the “Reset Password” and “Reboot” button consecutively.

Step 6. Once the resetting process of the program is completed simply restart the computer and remove the flash drive.

You will be baffled to see that the password inquiry login screen is vanished and you are able to access the home screen directly which indicates that the password is not only reset but bypassed by the program.


iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro as you have noticed is a very powerful tool and has been tested in many indefinite number of computers, namely DEL, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, etc. and it has proven to function with complete authenticity and efficiency.

Moreover, it is compatible with nearly all sorts of hard disks such as SATA, NTFS, FAT32, etc. so there will be no conflict with the hardware set up of your computer. From every prospect, it is an eligible choice for most of the users and thus you too should give it a try to check if it is really that wonderful.

If you are interested to explore few more relevant articles, visit iSeePassword official website to get an idea of it all.

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