Increase IDM Download Speed with IDM Optimizer – Really??

Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer, I have seen this post on many Blogs and Forums and wonder whether it is really possible to increase the download speed for IDM download manager. No doubt IDM is the best download manager till now and in the earlier post I have discussed How to Download Torrent Files using IDM Download Manager. IDM Optimizer is a small utility tools which claims to boost the IDM download speed by modifying some registry entries like Connection Speed, Connection type, Max Connection Numbers and others. In this article I am going to share the results I obtained after testing the download speed with IDM optimizer and without IDM optimizer.

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IDM Optimizer Increases IDM Download Speed – Really?

Download and install IDM Optimizer Tool and restart the system so that changes can be applied to my current windows configuration. Open the IDM Optimizer and you will see a popup window with two options – “Maximize Now” and “Restore Default”. To test the effectiveness of the Tool, click on Maximize now button.

Increases IDM Download Speed

Next popup window will display “Please restart IDM to apply changes”. Click on ‘OK’ button.

IDM Optimizer

IDM Optimizer

To make sure everything is OK and indeed IDM has been restarted again I have rebooted my windows. Now the IDM Optimizer settings has been in place on my system and to test I have downloaded a ZIP file of around 23 MB once with IDM optimizer settings and again without IDM Optimizer settings. Results are as shown below:

Download Details with IDM Optimizer Settings Installed

  • File Size – 23 MB
  • Total Connections – 16
  • Time Taken – 2 min 33 sec

Download Details without IDM Optimizer Settings Installed

  • File Size – 23 MB
  • Total Connections – 8
  • Time Taken – 2 min and 22 sec

Conclusion: Results for me on my system are unexpected as with IDM optimizer download speed doesn’t increase but decrease. But decrease is not much and it can happen with internet connection also but surely it doesn’t increase. You can also test and post the result by commenting below whether IDM optimizer increase IDM download speed or not.


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