How to Auto save MS Word Documents and Recover Unsaved Data from System Crash

It may happen a lot that you fail to save the word documents and suddenly your System goes off may be due to Software/ Hardware Failure or due to Power Cut. The reason can be anything but ultimately it is our loss and typing the entire document again becomes very frustrating. But there is a way that is provided by MS Word it to recover your Office Documents that you don’t saved in time. In the following tutorial I am using Microsoft Office 2013 Word to show how it is done. 

MS Word Recovery Option 1

How to Set Auto save Options in MS Office – Word 2013

Before you learn how to recover the unsaved documents from system crash and power failure, you must know how to set best options for Word Auto Save. 

To set the Auto Save time internal navigate to the ‘Options’ of MS Word and set time  for “Save AutoRecover information every x minutes to your desired value. I suggest keep it to 1 min as it will allow you to recover most of your data for when something bad happens. To have the recovery of unsaved files working, you must have the “keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving” option checked.  See the image below for clarity

MS Word Recovery Option 2

How to Recover Word Document from System Crash

Now you have set the autorecover information time, you can learn how to recover the lost data.

Navigate to ‘Open->Recent Documents->Recover Unsaved Documents’ Options from File Ribbon of MS Word 2013

MS Word Recovery Option 3

Select the unsaved file from the4 dialog box, unsaved files are shown with file extension as ‘. asd’. Select the file and click on open button

MS Word Recovery Option 4

You will the recovered information in the document and with option to save the documents. Click on ‘Save As’ button in the Yellow Bar and save the document as per your need

MS Word Recovery Option 5

You can see that your document is recovered and saved at the place you mentioned in the previous step.

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