SD card that is also known as the Memory card is Portable and functional type storage on multiple devices. It’s great for our use as it contains a large no. of files such as images, videos, information documents and many more. However, SD card is frequently plugging in and out, it has a high chance to expose problems, such as it doesn’t open, not accessible or files get deleted or formatted. Reasons for corrupted/damaged SD card could be incorrect removal of cards, errors, or viruses.

There are many useful ways to fix a corrupted SD card but the first thing that should be done is to take out your SD card from your Phone and avoid saving any new data on it and then try to get a powerful data recovery software. 

Following are the ways to repair a corrupted memory card. 

If Your SD The card is damage there are several options. 

OPTION 1: Repair Corrupted SD card using Windows Explorer. 

It is the most commonly used procedure. 

Step 1: Open My Computer. 

Step 2: Select the corrupted drive and Right Click. 

Step 3: Click Format. 

Step 4: Click Restore Device Defaults. 

Step 5: Click Start, Format Process will begin. 

The Format Process will take a few minutes to complete then you will have your error-free SD Card. 


Once you have stopped uploading new data on your memory card the first way to repair the damage is using the CMD command line. 

Following navigations is a detailed guide. 

Step 1: Connect the corrupted SD card to your computer. 

Step 2: Hover your mouse on the start button, right-click. 

Step 3: Click Command Prompt. A CMD window will be opened.   

Step 4: Now, type the disk part and press enter. 

Step 5: Type list disk and press enter. 

Now the list of all the storage devices that are connected to your computer will be displayed. 

Step 6: Type select disk <the number of your disk> and Click enter. 

Step 7: Type clean, press Enter. 

Step 8: Type creates partition primary and then click enter. 

Step 9: Type active. 

Step 10: Select partition one.

Step 11: Type format fs=fat32 and press enter. If your files are larger than 4 gigabytes then type NTFS instead of fat32. 

Now the process format will take a few minutes to finish. 


If the data still cannot be accessed on the card you should try third-party memory card data recovery software to recover your files. 

Ease-US Data Recovery Wizard Free is a quick and effective program which is risk-free and plugin-free that saves your data from overwriting and also does not take up your device’s free space as it is only 40MB. 

 This widely trusted software helps you recover your files from a corrupted SD card in an easier way. 

Step 1: Scan the Memory card 

Download EaseUS on your PC and connect the SD card to your computer. Click Scan. Wait for the scanning process to finish. 

Now you can filter the files that you want if looking for a specific file type.

Step 2: Recovers Files. 

Directly double the files to preview. Click Recover to restore the files to a secure location on your computer or any other storage device. 

You should not worry about the data loss thing even if you do not have a backup, as the steps mentioned above; Ease-US helps you to restore your formatted data in an easy and effective way. You can feel free to download it for now.


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