How to Make Your Company Stand Out on Instagram

Are you planning on having a lot of followers on Instagram? Do you use the Instagram to its fullest? Compared to Facebook, Instagram engagement is about 58 times more and it shows that one cannot estimate the marketing potential of Instagram.

Of course, like all marketing strategies, Instagram can only be successful and provides the required results if they are used in the proper way. For gaining more exposure to your business and creating a brand which stands out, the following procedures are to be done using Instagram.


? Optimization of the Basics

There are researches which have shown that about 20% of people would remember what they read and 80% remember what they saw. Most of us would be using our company logo as the profile picture and the name of the firm as the profile name for the social media accounts of the firm. It would make more sense if one adds Instagram to that given list. Consistency is necessary in all kinds of social media tools and this assists individuals to easily recognize the contents where the contents are located.

Now, whether you are having an Instagram account or simply setting up one, you do have to make sure that the basic settings are complete. Plus, it should provide all the required and relevant information which is necessary as soon as possible. Particularly, you do have to pay a great amount of attention to the Instagram bio. 

Give a brief and proper description of what the company is doing and try to input the voice of the company as well as its personality into it. Try to include the links of your website, so that it is possible for people to check out for you online as well. In case, if consistency is the major key or issue, there could be situations you would run into trouble like the name of the company being already taken.

Suppose if that occurs, try to use something which is close or similar to that name as much as possible. Basically, in situations like this, it is quite important to use the logo as the profile snap so that followers can easily recognize the given updates.

? Sharing it on Various Other Social Profiles

In case, if there are various number of followers in the social networks, most of the fans who have similar interest would be want to follow your Instagram updates. So, you would need to find out how they can be searched and get them join the Instagram follower account. It is easy to share the updates of Instagram to Twitter and Facebook or whenever you are having a follower.

Basically, your website is one of the ideal places to promote the Instagram account and you can even encourage visitors to follow you. All you have to do is put a badge i.e. an Instagram badge in the sidebar of the website. People will click it and follow it within seconds. In addition, you can create your own badge and select the variety of badges for your Instagram settings. Suppose if you choose the badge through Instagram, you must try to copy the embed codes and try to put it on the website whichever you like to.

? Be Creative With Promotion of the Product

With your sharing and bio options in live status, it is the best time to start posting various attractive photos which can draw and attract people and easily compel them to follow. The best thing is you don’t need to be the Instagram guru or expert in making the photos better. There are various kinds of filters which would assist in enhancing the photos. You could do a little bit of testing to see which one is right and suits the individual photo of yours. Even you can get the best audience response from it too.

Sometimes you may want to keep a constant and everlasting photo stream. In that case, you can select the filter to use on all the given shared snaps. If your business is still in the initial stages, it can be very much tempting to post the normal and basic photos of the product. This will not bring about a great amount of attention for you even though there is a slight chance for it. You can think about how you could simply show off the products in a creative manner which shows and creates a goodwill related to the online voice of the company.

It is a common for business to be tempted in posting the basic and common photos of the product. Even though this would not draw any kind of attention, still when you think about it, it can display all about your products in a creative manner which would be shown as the established voice of the company (online).

The best and common example for this is Nike and Starbucks. These companies constantly post pictures directly or indirectly related to the products and identities in a comical way. Often Starbucks posts the photos of the coffee mug in quirky places while Nike pastes the inspirational images related to its slogan ‘Just Do It’. Seriously, it is not always related to selling, but creating an awareness of its products and services.

Sharing behind the scenes snaps related to the company events or about a typical day in the office may be interesting and it could be quite accessible to the audience. The various amounts of personal glimpses would assist followers in feeling connected with your firm on different levels, which is the usual customer-business relationship.

? Making the Most of the Various Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the major contributors for the success of the Instagram efforts. Not only they make it easier for tracking about the people talking about you, it even talks about people participating in a specific campaign. The better aspect is when the photos are shared on Twitter and Facebook, the hashtag would also be seen. It is important that the hashtag chosen by you has to be relevant for your business. Try to do plenty of research on finding out what kind of hashtag the customers use. Even a good amount of research would help if you are not using anything which is associated with the campaign of someone else.

Furthermore, you can use a lot of hashtags which you appreciate in the photo description. Basically, the more hashtags you are posting the more likely customers are going to find information or details about you.

? Taking Advantage About Video Posts

Like other visual contents, Instagram is similar in terms of guidelines and display. So, it means that you won’t need to simply focus on sharing of the photos. Even videos can be a fair game which you can share. Have you ever tried to take advantage of the option present in Instagram regarding the creation of the 15 second video? There are various researches which have shown that the video have got more engagement and attraction feature when compared to photos. Videos which display the basic reaction about the products, behind the scenes situations, funny promotions, etc. would bring some kind of life to the brand related to the Cheap Instagram Followers.

To wrap up, it is very much hard to ignore the power of visual communication. Try to take advantage of the power of Instagram by optimizing the presences and planning of the creative campaigns related to Instagram which displays the personality of the company.

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