How to Load WordPress Site Load Faster – 2013

Fast loading is very important in web site business as no user has time to wait till your site gets loads fully. Especially in shared hosting making your website hosted on any platform (wordpress, joomla, asp, php, etc) load faster is something you should really be concerned with. Faster loaded website is not only beneficial for user experience but also SEO friendly. Lot of research is going on to find the optimal solutions to solve slow loading of website problem but in the mean time there are some free and efficient to optimize the website running on wordpress platform.

Methods to Performance of WordPress Running Websites

WordPress is one of the most used and popular platform for crating and publishing websites. There are many things that you can do easily with wordpress with the help of plugins which are available freely (mostly) and easily. Well everything has some price and use of plugin in wordpress also. What is the price of using plugins? Well it is not monetary but related to resource consumption and they really hit hard on the performance of your website.

There are lots of methods to decrease the load time of wordpress website and some of them are discussed as follows:

Well above are some of the well known methods for the optimization of wordpress websites. In this post we are going to review new plugin for faster loading of website. 

Review of jsDelivr CDN?

From jsDelivr – “jsDelivr is a free public CDN that hosts javascript libraries and jQuery plugins, including all of the files they need to work (css/png). It even hosts javascript files that use popular WordPress plugins, like WP SlimStat. Basically if a lot of websites use it then we probably can host it

Some of the Benefits of using jsDelivr CDN on WordPress Website

  • Speeds up your website
  • Cuts the bandwidth bill
  • Offloads the server from extra requests

How to Install jsDelivr CDN plugin on WordPress Website

Below is the step by step tutorial for installing and activating jsDelivr CDN plugin on wordpress website

Step 1 : Download and install jsDelivr CDN plugin from here

Step 2: Activate the plugin

Step 3: Navigate to the Settings of the newly installed jsDelivr CDN plugin

step 4: Click on “Update CDN data” on the settings page as shown in the figure below

 Update CDN data in jsDelivr plugin

Step 4: After completion of Data update click on “scan your website” button as shown in the figure below

scan your website buttion click on jsdelivr plugin

Step 5: After this the plugin will now show you a list of scripts that have a match. Check those and enable. The yellow ones can also be enabled, but check them one at the time to see if it does not break. 

Try this plugin and tell us the response.

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