How to Increase PC Speed with System Mechanic Software

There are times when we got frustrated with the PC Problems which results in slow speed. Most of the users including me use to Format and reinstall the Operating System ever time system starts misbehaving. But recently I came across a software which can make your system to work as if it is new and you don’t have to think about formatting and reinstalling of OS. In this post I am going to review ‘System Mechanic’ Software with a guide on How to increase PC speed with System Mechanic.

System Mechanic Software Reviews

System Mechanic Software is a product of and it is being rated as one of the best by CNET and Other Blogs also. System Mechanic is a software that can help to regain maximum speed for your PC and brings stability to the system which is the most important thing when it comes to a Laptop or PC. If your system is not stable then it is most likely that you will face frequent crashes, unknown error which makes you think what you have done wrong.

Increase PC Speed with System Mechanic Software

Sometimes you observe that system gets frozen and you have waited a couple of minutes to get it work again. Now with System Mechanic Software you can relax and don’t worry about any of the problems mentioned above. Not only you can get Optimum speed for your PC but it also comes with Triple-Certified virus protection and data security.

System Mechanic Features

There are hell lot of features in System Mechanic but some which are important in context to the users are as follows

  • Boosts Speed by automatically increasing PC start up, internet speed, performance
  • Repair most of the PC problems
  • Clean over 50 types of junk files, internet and chat history
  • Block Dangerous Programs to provide an extra layer of security to your System
  • Resolves Registry Problems to provide stability to the windows
  • Reclaim Wasted RAM Memory in real time

How to Increase Speed of Old PC with System Mechanic

Follow the guide given below carefully to repair and increase speed of your PC with System Mechanic

1 Download and Install System Mechanic

2 Click on ‘Analyze Now’ button and it will give you two options 1) Quick and 2) Deep Analysis. I recommend you to go for Deep analysis during the first time you run the System Mechanic Software.

 Increase PC Speed 1

3 You can see the Status of your System and option with Repair All and View Problems. 

Increase PC Speed 2

4 On the next screen click on ‘Yes’ button to start repairing all system problems with System Mechanic

Increase PC Speed 3

5 It will take some time to repair all the problems. On my system it took around an hour to repair all the problems as you can see in the figure below. Once the work is done by System Mechanic you need to restart the system for action to take effect.

Increase PC Speed 4

Conclusion: Good Software to have in your kitty of lots of software that you installed in your PC. Using System Mechanic will make you free from worrying about the problems in your PC and it will increase system speed automatically.

Recently a new free version of System Mechanic has been announced which you can download and make your PC run like a Racing Car 🙂

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