How to Get More IG Followers and Achieve Success

Instagram is the BOM application of the social network, it has grown the most in recent years, reaching hundreds of millions of people using in their user camps. Originally a software to upload, share photos and videos, Instagram has started to grow rapidly since 2012 when it was purchased by Facebook.

Among the hundreds of millions of people, many got popular and even famous on IG, do you have the same potential? Let’s see how they get success on Instagram, and what can we do to achieve something?

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Sort your content with hashtags

Hashtags are keywords. According to hashtags, you deliver your content relatively well to targeted users; on the one hand to those who watch the hashtag, but also to those who do not watch it, but the algorithm still knows exactly what they are interested in (that’s why data trading is such a big business), and the content will show them in the section of recommended posts, which will show when you click on the magnifying glass icon.

The basis is to remember one thing: when using hashtags, it’s always a good idea to keep track of how many posts a hashtag has under it. General hashtags like “summer” or “love” have millions of posts, so they’re much more competitive. On the contrary, too specific hashtags like “kamaradickove” have only hundreds or thousands of posts, which means that they are not very alive, no one uses them much or even monitors them. It is necessary to find hashtags that fit your topic and your target group and with the right “saturation” of posts.

It is also good to know about hashtags that you classify your content into specific groups, for example, when using the “ecoterrorism” hashtag, you will be included in the group of SPD voters in the eyes of users, even if you meant it ironically. In addition, some hashtags are disabled, and using them may endanger your post at all, and sometimes even block your profile.

Take advantage of competition opportunities

More and more companies are using Instagram to advertise the competition, that is, competitions in which users of social media can participate in winning prizes of various kinds.

The best competitions are the ones that engage the audience enthusiastically, so don’t just ask for the same or part of your post. Instead, ask your followers to take photos related to the common theme, post them on Instagram, and use your favorite hashtag. Doing so will enhance your content and allow your fans to express themselves smarter.

If you are an easy user, you can participate in competitions that are most interesting to you and someone will recognize your recognition. If you’re right, fans will come alone, I assure you.

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