How to Encrypt Text & Image Files as MIDI Files with CipherTune

Encrypt Text & Image Files as MIDI Files – Exchanging information from one source to another source involves many risks. Attacker can intercept the information in between by various methods such as sniffing, man in the middle attack etc., and they can use the intercepted information in various ways such as replaying the information or modification of the data. Replaying of information can results in serious problems if the password in being intercepted by the attacker, then attacker can use this information to login in the system by impersonating as the legitimate user. Some of the attacks that can take place are as follows:

  • Sniffing
  • Man in the Middle Attack
  • Modification
  • Replaying
  • Non Repudiation etc.

Is there a way to prevent our data from being attacked?

Yes there are methods to prevent the data such as firewall, intrusion detection system etc. But in this article we are going to review one method which belongs to Cryptography. The tool that we are going to review is CipherTune. Ciphertune allows you to encrypt text and images to make them appear as MIDI files. Cryptography contains two processes i.e., Encryption and Decryption. Encryption involves the steps to make your plain text converted in cipher text(non human readable) and Decryption is basically opposite to that of Encryption. Decryption allows the receiver to convert back the cipher or encrypted text into plain text. CipherTune also follows this two processes.

Encrypting Text and Images Files as MIDI Files using CipherTune

In the following step by step guide is presented to encrypt normal plain text and images into cipher text.

1. Download and install the CipherTune tool from here

2. Open the tool and immediately you will see two tabs in the interface encryption and decryption as we discussed earlier.

3. Select encryption tab and Text tab below to encrypt normal plain text, you can also choose Photograph tab to encrypt image.

4. Enter the text that you want to encrypt in the text box area.

5. Now hit the button ‘Adjust Text Format for Encryption’ to get ready for encryption process

6. Enter password in the field which will be required to decrypt the text later on. This password acts as the shared symmetric key in the cryptography process. See figure below for the reference.

CipherTune tool

7. Select the type of instrument and tempo of your choice

8. You can also select to make encrypted text by selecting the check box.

9. In the end save the tune and send that tune to the receiver where the receiver can decrypt the tune to get the original text

10. During decryption select the MIDI file and hit ‘Convert to the final text’ button and enter the password used during the encryption process to get the plain text back.

CipherTune tool Decryption

Conclusion : Great utility to share confidential and sensitive information over the network without going into technical details. Give it a try and let us know your views. 

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