How to Decide which Windows Apps to Uninstall – Try Should I Remove It?

Cleaning your computer is a very tedious task and mostly we avoid this but an unclean PC will never gives optimal performance. Downloading and Installing new software  apps and games is a daily routine and we all follow that like a religion. But do these software and other things comes clean, No as most of the free programs are bundled with many malwares such as adwares, toolbar  Trojan horses etc., these get installed into your system along with the main program you are installing. They use your system resources and makes the system perform slowly. Now the question is how to remove those programs and how to identify what is purpose of any program installed on your system. Answer to all those queries is ‘ Should I Remove IT ‘ App which is a free and very small size App. It runs and show a list of all the apps and software installed on your system. Well this utility is not only helpful in identifying and removed malicious software  indeed you can also remove the unwanted Windows App from this tool. When i run this software on my Laptop i found most of the software’s installed by Dell listed as shown in the figure below in article. Now i don’t even use most of the Dell utilities and they are using my laptop resources and causing degradation in system’s performance.

How to get rid of unwanted and malicious software?

In the following section i am going to give a brief introduction of ‘Should I Remove IT’ software and some of the results that i got after running it on my laptop.

First Download and Install the software – Should I Remove IT

Run the program to get the list of all the programs installed on your system. Initially the program will connect to the server to get the details about the programs. See below the figure of the tool trying to connect with server

New Picture (12)

After program gets connected to the server it will display a list of all the programs installed on your system. See figure below of my laptop test with this tool

New Picture (13)

As i am using Laptop from Dell most of the software, it list are of Dell.

Should I Remove It‘ also helps is removing Manufacturer Bloatware which is defined as

Bloatware and trialware refer to PC manufacturers’ habit of loading crippled versions of commercial software on a new computer in the hope that some will upgrade to paid editions“[Via]
Below is the figure of most of the Manufactures, showing the amount of bloatwares installed by them
New Picture (14)
Image Via
If you don’t understand the program functionality  you can click on the program name and it will display two options [i] Uninstall and [ii]What’s is this. Clicking on the second option will take you to the details regrading the program and how many percentage of users removes this software from your system.See figure below for clear understanding.
New Picture (15)

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