How to Compress PDF File Size with PDF Compressor

There can be lot of PDF files stored on your computer and can sometimes very large in size resulting in wastage of memory space. Personally i have lots of PDF files and just calculated the size and it turns out be more than 1.8 GB in single drive. Many of the users carrying out research and study used to store lots of PDF files for Research Paper and Books. So, is there a way to reduce the size of PDF files still maintaining the quality of the document. Yes, in this article i am going to present a step by step guide to compress the PDF files using a free and lightweight software – PDF Compressor.

Compress PDF Files using PDF Compressor

Download and Install PDF Compressor

Open the Software, you will the startup screen which looks like as shown below

New Picture (17)

You can either add individual files from Add Files menu or select folder containing the PDF Files as shown below in the figure

New Picture (18)

Before starting the compression process change the compression settings, i have carried out the compression in both ways i.e.; without changing the compression settings in which negligible compression occurs and after changing settings in which i got very good results with compression rate up-to 40%. To change the compression settings click on ‘Compression Settings‘ button from navigation bar and click on the check box as shown below

New Picture (20)

Click the Check Box(in Fig check box is not selected but don’t forget to check this)

After changing the settings click on the Start Compression and see the results yourself

New Picture (19)

Below are the Results of one file of size 5.65 MB i tried to compress using PDF Compressor

  • original size – 5.65 MB
  • New Size – 3.08 MB
  • Size Reduced – 2.57 MB
  • Reduced Percent – 45.47%

These are awesome results, go try yourself this free tool and share the results with us.

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