How to Clone Hard Drive Disk with Backup Software

With solid state drives price at an all-time low, it is now the best time to get your hands on some of the more affordable ones. And once you go so, you should know that there’s nifty software that can easily help you to clone partition. This will enable you to quickly make full use of your ssd as the boot drive just by move windows to ssd and clone hdd to ssd.

EaseUs Todo Backup Free 8.6 is the world’s most popular and free backup software that is currently being used by more than 6 million users worldwide. Other than being able to clone partition, it provides a safe backup and recovery software solution for all of your backup and disaster recovery needs. It even supports a single click and all of your system, files, applications and games are backed up safe and secure.

How to Clone Hard Drive Disk with Backup Software

Have you updated your OS to the latest Windows 10? If yes, then you can also use it to move windows to ssd and the blazing fast ssd can be your boot disk in just a few minutes. You don’t have to install anything again, as you can clone hdd to ssd and start using it immediately.

Other than being able to clone partition, the latest version also improves on the system recovery function and system cloning on GPT drive. You can also use up to a maximum of 8TB hard drives, and still this application supports you.

The clone partition software also have a feature called System Backup which essentially backs up your entire OS which includes your system settings, apps, games and documents in a single compressed file.

Next we have Disk Imaging which can quickly and efficiently backs up all of your disks and volumes. You can even go to the extent of performing a File Backup which you can select only to back up specific files, folders or file types.

If you have earlier done a proper backup, you can easily use the Browse Image File feature to browse the image file – exactly like Windows Explorer. Even better, you can now copy and paste entire files and folders.

EaseUs Todo Backup Free 8.6 is an all-in-one solution that easily helps you to clone partition as you got yourself a new solid state drive. The clean user interface makes everything a whole lot easier as you don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to move windows to ssd or to clone hdd to ssd. All you need to do to get started is to download, install and launch the application to start using all of its features and functions.

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