How much does it cost to start a wholesale jewelry business?

Starting a wholesale business is always challenging. You have to think about the industry, market value, demand, and most importantly the cost. The success of your business does not rely on your investment. It depends on how you invest and on which product.

The wholesale jewelry business is one of the most profitable businesses. You may start with many jewelry items such as necklace, earrings, chains, rings, watches, and more. 

The jewelry includes fashion items that you can get in greater variety and lower prices. The demand for jewelry is higher in the fashion market. That means you have a higher chance of success in the wholesale jewelry business.

Now the question is, how much should you spend on jewelry items? How much will it cost you to start a wholesale jewelry business?

No need to worry. That is exactly why we are here. Keep reading to know about the type of costs you may face while running a wholesale jewelry business. 

Types of costs to start a wholesale jewelry business

  • Platform cost

If you want to interact with your audience and increase your sales, then you need a website. You should have a stable wholesale e-commerce platform with shopping cart options. Check the following list to know about the costs of a website;

  • The hosting fee for your website
  • Website maintenance and operational costs
  • The cost of your business account (it will help you in keeping track of your expenses and revenues)
  • The cost of creating a legal name of your wholesale business
  • The cost of building your internet presence
  • Stock Cost

Stock cost is the total cost of jewelry items to fill your inventory. Check the following list to know about the stock cost of your business;

  • Invoice processing and billing cost
  • Communication cost
  • Planning costs
  • Shipping cost
  • Drop shipping cost. (The purpose of this cost is to ensure that you receive jewelry items that are free of defects)
  • Service Cost

It may surprise you, but the cost of the supply of jewelry is higher than the cost of manufacturing. Sometimes you offer your services free or minimal cost to please your clients.  You may have to bear the following service costs;

  • Packaging cost 
  • Delivery cost
  • Cost on returned items
  • Management cost

It is one the major costs in your wholesale business. You cannot manage all your tasks by yourself. A competent management team is essential for the smooth running of your business. Your website also needs to be regulated daily.  Check the types of management costs in a wholesale business below;

  • The cost to hire a technical team
  • The cost to hire people for generating responses and taking orders
  • The cost of hiring a customer service team that is available to your customers all the time
  • The cost of hiring an inventory management team

Tip No. 1: Online stores need uploading of images of your products. For this purpose, you may have to invest in a good digital camera and hire a professional photographer. 

Tip No. 2: Add your management expenses to your startup cost.  It will help you in establishing your business effectively.

  • Promotional cost

Promotional costs are optional but equally important for your business. Usually, promotional costs are not challenging for business owners. You can spend as much as your budget allows. It also means that if you choose to skip these costs, then you may have a bunch of customers only. The more you invest in marketing your business, the more customers and sales you will get. You can use the following tips to cut down your marketing/ promotional costs;

  • The fastest and cheapest way to promote your business is through social media platforms. You can also use print media for the promotions of your products.
  • Offer discounts, deals, and packages on your products. It will attract your customers and increase your sales.


When you decide to start a wholesale business for jewelry, then you may face many types of costs. Besides the ones that are mentioned above, there can be some extra costs. However, sequencing and placing the costs in order can make your business easy for you. We hope that this information helped you. Do let us know if you have experienced some other costs.

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