How Google Monitors Every Move You Make

In this era of technology, when everything is secure and highly protected, there are certain things that are not private as much as we think. Our movements, activities and whereabouts are monitored. There was a time when it was only allowed to few governmental authorities to take data of the public for various purposes but nowadays, despite having so robust technological tools we have lost our privacy. The Infographic tells that who is monitoring our movements on internet and what is under supervision as well.

How Google Monitors Every Move You Make


We should be conversant with the fact that every move we make on internet is monitored by the internet giant, Google. Our emails are one of the sources and reasons that let Google take our data and capture our movements. We are monitored due to various reasons and maintaining security walls around the corner is one of the major reasons.

Android Devices

The android operating system was developed by Google thus all the devices and smartphones that support android are under monitoring by Google. Everything we do on our android devices, every move we make, anything we search using our android phone is recorded.

Social Media

Is there anyone who has not used social media apps? There will hardly be any person in this modern time that is not using social media apps and these apps are helping Google in monitoring its users. Even the non-tech savvy people have started using social media apps and websites. This is one of the biggest reasons for Google that let it keep eyes on our moves.

Online Shopping

Today, time has changed and the time is gone when people used to go to stores and outlets for shopping. This era is highly modern and people love shopping online. This online shopping becomes reason for Google to monitor our moves.

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