How can Information Technology benefit in business productivity?

Technology is a broad concept nowadays, which allows for a better and automated solution. It provides a huge range of tools to get success in business. This technology allowing the organization to work more efficiently and to maximize the productivity. It helps to improve the speed, ease of sharing and storing information, faster communication and an increase in revenue. Small businesses use the new business technologies such as a computer, server, websites and digital product to develop competitive advantage in the economic marketplace. Technology helps to create a secure environment for maintaining sensitive or to keep secure the business sensitive information. Some of the useful technology tools for business.

Accounting System

There is lots of accounting software available to manage the accounting information of the business. Modern accounting software enables you to manage your business’s financial transaction. This software’s are helpful to increase the accuracy of your records by reducing the human errors in calculations.  Some of the useful accounting software such as QuickBooks and Microsoft money can eliminate the need to hire full or part time accountants.


The Internet is a rich source for small business marketers competing against well-established businesses. With the advance technologies, small business owners easily create an effective market material that helps to hit the target audience. Internet resources for your business can eliminate the need for traditional methods of emails and all of the cost associated with that contact method. The internet helps owners to make a connection with their customers via email, social networking sites.

CRM Software

To survive in today market manage the relationship with customers is more important. Customer relationship management system helpful in maintaining the relationship with your customers, through this you can easily track the information that is related to your customers like their contact details, previous emails, chats and you can save all the information in one place for use, reviews or proactive response. All this information helps you to understand the customer requirements, their needs and keeping them happy. Salesforce, Hub spot is the most used CRM software.

Inventory Control System

Inventory control system is very helpful in businesses that integrate all the aspects of the company including shipping, pursuing, receiving, tracking or re-ordering. With this system you can easily keep your inventory in hand, this system often based on the different types of business run. From stretch film packaging to warehouses to manufacturing, and even small businesses, this system helps you to measure and balance your operation. Three bin system, just in time (JIT) System, Computerized inventory control system are some of the most useful control systems.

Benefits of Using Technology in Business

Improve Business Mobility:        

Technology also improves company sales and service department by allowing the employees to use their personal mobile devices for transmitting the orders, and customer information to the home office.

Decrease the cost and increase the functionality:

Financial saving is the biggest benefit of technology in business. The increase in the productivity allows the company to do more work with fewer workers, automatically reducing the cost normally spent. Advance feature of communication reduce the travel costs, allowing the executives from different branches to confer over the internet rather than meeting at the physical location. Data storage devices reduce the maintenance cost of warehouses. 

Automation and productivity:

Technology has also increased the ease through which all can easily stay in touch with each other. Computers allow the employees to collaborate effectively even across a great distance and use of the mobile computing device such as laptops; tablets enable the workers to work from anywhere.

Save time:

Technology can be used to automate various tasks at once. This can help in quick decision making and also reduce the human error and clients easily access all the information via a single database. Today with advancement in the technology information is shared within just a second. These new business technologies are easy to use and allow the business owner with a minor background to use them easily.

Improve Sharing Of Information:

Technology allows information to be shared more quickly by broadcasting with fewer resources. With new techniques used to share info are more reliable and helpful to increase the potential customers.

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