Health information technology gadgets that will save you tons

With the deteriorating health status in most countries evidenced by an increase in lifestyle and terminal diseases, most people are turning to healthy living habits and abandoning the poor fast food habits that had become a norm in the recent past. People, especially in their late thirties, are embracing healthy diets and incorporating exercise into their daily lives to ensure they live longer and avoid spending their fortune on hospital bills. The world of technology has also not been left behind in this revolution since they have also introduced a number of health and fitness gadgets under the increasingly famous title of wearable technology. These are the gadgets that are worn alongside the daily outfit depending on their specific functionality.

Gadgets that provide health related information are the most famous and some of the most famous in this category includes:

  • The Skulpt Aim Device – This device is important to any health and fitness enthusiast because it gives information on the body balance being attained after workouts. The weighing scales used to measure weight and the body mass index has been found not to the very accurate because they just give an approximate value.
  • This is why the invention of wearable technology was necessary because such gadgets will be able to get the smallest details of what is happening to the body.
  • The Skulpt Aim Device, for example, will track your muscle tone and body fat and even alert you when you are working out one side of the body more than the other. It saves you the cost and inconveniences of having to be in touch with a health expert when in need of toning advice.
  • GPS Running Watch – This is another amazing gadget in the wearable technology category and one that is considered a necessity for anyone looking forward to living a healthy life. According to the latest tech news, when on the track, this gadget will give you accurate information on the distance you have covered and the time taken.
  • The GPS running watches come in different brands but all perform the same function. When planning to start a workout plan, it is important to know how much your body can handle to avoid overworking it or under-utilizing your capacity and ending up not getting the desired results.
  • These watches ensure that your workout is optimum and even alert you when you need to stop depending on your heart beat rate, weather conditions and previous workout periods.
  • Sensoria Smart Sock – For the longest time, natural health experts have been insisting on the need to observe their patient’s conditions from the ankles and feet. They say these are the areas where pressure signals to all body organs are present.
  • The Sensoria Smart Sock is a wearable gadget developed for runners and those who exercise mainly by walking or jogging. This item monitors how your organs are responding to exercise and give information on the action you need to take. The most amazing thing about this sock is the fact that it is extremely comfortable and can be washed just like any other socks.
  • It can be equated to a virtual coach since it gives instructions on how to position your feet during a track session to avoid injuries and the safe speed for you depending on how your body is reacting.
  • Scio gadget – This is a gadget that is expected to bring a revolution in nutrition because it covers a gap that has been open for the longest time. Most health and fitness gadgets have been providing information on how many calories you burn after a workout session, but there is less information on the amount of intake.
  • The only way so far to get a number of calories contained in food is to enter the name in some app which will analyze and give nutritional information that is not very accurate. Scio is more accurate because it scans the food physically and is able to identify the different nutrients present. It then communicates this information to the users Smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Besides food, this device can also be used to identify the content in plants and medicine according to the latest technology news. It is, therefore, an important gadget to have for anyone intending to start the healthy living journey because it will save them the trouble of having to calculate the daily nutrients intake manually.

In conclusion, wearable technology has brought a revolution in the world of health and nutrition meaning that people no longer have excuses for not being healthy. When used in the correct way, these gadgets will make the journey easy and exciting. 


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