Google Takeout makes Backup of Google Services, Blogger Posts, YouTube Videos, Picasa Albums easier

Google Takeout is new service that has been started by Google and it enables account owners take backup of their Google services. There is backup facility available for almost every service offered by Google. Some of the services that are most important when it comes to backup are as follows:

  • Blogger – Complete Backup with Posts, Template
  • YouTube – Videos Uploaded by account owner
  • Google Plus
  • Picasa Albums – Pictures
  • Google Reader

How to Take Backup of Google Services from Google Takeout

Using Google Takeout is very simple and interactive. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the article below and you will be able to take backup of most of the important data that is present on Google.

Go to official Google Takeout page

Select the services you want to take backup or can select all by selecting full archive options. For demonstration purpose I am taking backup of one of my old blogs with very few pages.

New Picture (1)

Select the Blogger Option from all the services. See fig

New Picture (2)

By default it will give backup for all the blogs that are associated with your account, you can choose the blog you want to take backup of. See Figure for details

New Picture (3)

Initially 7 Files are showing, click on configure and select individual blog and after that the above screenshot will look like as follows

New Picture (4)

Click on Archive as shown below and it will be done.

New Picture (5)

Before you can download you have to authenticate yourself once more and after that you can download the backup. It will be a Compressed folder with ATOM XML File.

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