Google Nexus $100 USD Mobile – If True then what it means to Indian Market

Google is reportedly working very hard to launch a super cheap Nexus Device rumored to cost only USD $100(around Rs. 6000-6500 in India). According to Chinese Website MTKSJ, Google is in partnership with Mediatek for $100 Nexus. Mediatek processors are known as value for money chipsets, and we have already seen that many high-end premium mobile manufactures like Sony, HTC have used Mediatek processor to launch Cheap devices in India. After the grand success of Motorola Moto G, Google is now going to bring a device that will fit in every Indian Pocket. In this post I have shared my views about the effect of rumored $100 Nexus on Indian Mobile Market.

Google Nexus $100 Device

Effect of Google Nexus $100 Phone in India

The rumors are in very initial stages about the cheap Nexus device from Google but as we have seen in the past, such rumors cause major effect on Indian Mobile Market. Earlier Motorola Moto G came to Indian Market for a cheap price of Rs. 12500(8GB) and enjoys huge success. The effect was reduction in price from other Mobile manufactures like XOLO, Micromax, Samsung etc. Now if rumors are true about Google Nexus $100 device, then it will bring revolutionary change in Indian Mobile market. If a user is buying a Micromax or XOLO device for 10k, but after launch of 100$ Google nexus will they buy them? That is a very big question for user and manufacture also. As a user if I have a choice of buying a Nexus or any other device in same price, I would definitely go for Google Product.

It is too early to say anything about the features that will be incorporated in Google Nexus Cheap device, but you can’t expect it to be a HD device or running on Quad Core Processor. But surely the launch of Google Nexus $100 Smartphone will bring a change in Indian Market that will be better for Indian consumers and they will have more choices in budget price mobiles. 

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